David Airport Inauguration and Air Show

Last Saturday, the David airport officially had its ribbon cutting ceremony. I thought about going, but changed my mind at the last moment.

Then Sunday, beginning at 9 AM, was a day filled with entertainment including an air show put on by Red Bull. Again, I considered going early, but decided to wait and see what was happening after church.

We went to church and then had a good lunch. After lunch, I decided to drive by the airport to take a couple photos of the airport and whatever else was happening. Bad idea.

I have never seen so many Panamanians at one event since I have lived here.There were cars parked everywhere! I mean EVERYWHERE! I haven’t seen that many cars parked for the David International Fair in March.

Once in the line to drive by the airport, I couldn’t change my mind. There was no place to turn around. I don’t know what time they had to get there to get a parking place, but it must have been early.

It took about 30 minutes to drive past the airport to a spot where I could turn around and then another 15 minutes to drive back with the outgoing traffic. This was obviously a big event. I saw a couple helicopters carrying something, but did not see any of the air show.

I only got to take a couple photos on the way back and it really doesn’t show the enormity of the crowd. Still maybe it will give you an idea of the turnout.

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