Chiriquí Chatter is Back On-Line

OK. I believe we are ready to give this a shot. Sorry for the extended time offline. I am not through with my investigation, but I think it is worth seeing if the site will stay up.

If anything acts funny, or a particular post directs you to a foreign site, I would like to know about it.

As best you can, describe the problem you see and any post address that might appear to have a problem.

I think this has been the longest outage Chiriquí Chatter has suffered since it has been in existence. I am sure this won’t be the last attack, but, with each attack, I learn a little more.

8 thoughts on “Chiriquí Chatter is Back On-Line

  1. Really missed ya Don, this is my first-cup-of-coffee site in the morning. Welcome back and hope all the problems were fixed.
    One thing that bothers me though, I thought Macs were immune to virus’s. I was going to purchase a mini-Mac to go with my ATV 2.

  2. DB – Thanks. Let’s hope they leave me alone for a while.

    Patrick. The problem was not on my PC, but in the web host that runs Chiriquí Chatter. No website is immune from hackers. There was and is no virus in this Mac, however, when I downloaded the files from my web host to my Mac, then SOPHOS pointed out some the modules that contained phishing code that had been put into Chiriquí Chatter.

    I will add that I recommend running an AntiVirus on a Mac. I use SOPHOS. it is free. I get many viruses detected each day in emails. To this point all of the viruses are aimed at the Microsoft Windows OS. Most is easily recognized spam, but every now and then I get an email from someone I know containing one of these viruses.

    Even if you get a Mac, you should not expect it to be virus immune. No OS is including Linux, which is probably the system hosting my blog.

  3. glad to see this place again! Its been w withdrawal feelings every time I tried to open the blog!

  4. Don Ray:
    I am glad you are back. I was about to check in the Betty Ford clinic because of my “Chiriqui Chatter”s withdrawals! 🙂

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