Beware – Hackers At Work

Today, I got hit with a pretty significant HACK attack. The hackers changed several settings in the WordPress program. It forced me take the site down for almost two hours and to reset all passwords for my Host admin and for WordPress.

I found several WordPress programs that had been changed to direct readers to the hacker’s site. I think I have backed out all of the hackers changes and put the original code back in.

It is a dangerous world out there and the more hits a site has the bigger target it becomes. CC is not all that big, but I guess someone thought it was worth going after.

If you find anything that appears broke, let me know. I am hoping to go back to doing something I want to do now like get my new iPhone set up.

10 thoughts on “Beware – Hackers At Work

  1. It has been reported previously on various sites that WordPress has some significant holes that make it fairly easy to hack. The best defense is to do a daily back up of the files. There are back up programs that will do so automatically by backing up any changes to the existing back up. That way you can just delete the existing site and replace it with the backup.
    Bob Bly recently had several of his sites hacked and his IT service was able to have all his sites back up within 24 hours because they used this technique.

  2. I would be interested in learning more. I use a backup program for my WordPress files. In this case those backups were not any good because the hackers had modified files what were in the backups.

    I had to manually find the files that had been changed and restore them with the originals. If you have any specific procedures I would be willing to look at them. I am always willing to learn new things.

    At the present, I am exploring the following article.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  3. There has been a flurry of hits from those Nigerian hackers along with somw realy bad viruses. Microsoft Essentials can’t be beat as far as I am concerned.

  4. We had a minor accident (fender bender) on 12/30 and still trying to get it straightened out… This AM, I had a message into my SPAM that I may be entitled to Financial Compensation. Didn’t open it. How in the hell did they know and get the information? I HATE computers now….no privacy and hackers.

  5. Don, I just opened your page, got hit with something called touting a product called codec and then noted your posting about hacker attack. Out of curiosity, I closed my browser, then re-opened it, went back to your page, and got hit with the same piece of… spam? Junk? Whatever, it’s called, as a say and it’s obviously keyed to come up for whoever tries to open your page…. 🙁

  6. When opening your site (this page), I was redirected to another site and it attempted to download a program onto my computer.

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