A Smiling Way to Start My Day

This morning I had a mishap with my glasses and popped the left ear piece loose from the lens. Luckily Opticas Metro is not far from me.

I got there at 9:30 just as they were opening. Dra. Ines asked how I was. I said I am blind and showed her my glasses.

She just smiled and said she fix it. Her photo follows.

DSC00687Not only is she great with fixing and prescribing eye-ware, but her smile brightened my day.

2 thoughts on “A Smiling Way to Start My Day

  1. I went there with a friend who had purchased new glasses from her and there seemed to be a problem. She took a look at them, said “No problem”, and three days later he had perfect glasses in his hand. No questions, not one single attempt at an excuse just “I’ll take care of it.” I’m impressed.
    Chris Smoot

  2. Yes, I have been going to Dra. Ines since she was recommended to me by my previous Dra. Susan who moved to Panama City. I have been satisfied with her professionalism and attention to good healthcare of eyes.

    She diagnosed a eye problem I had and sent me to an ophthalmologist for a further examination. That required a trip to Panama CIty. Luckily, everything turned out OK. I think the series of posts for that ordeal begin here. http://www.chiriquichatter.net/blog/2009/06/29/heres-looking-at-you-–-almost/

    Here is a post on the Panama City trip. http://www.chiriquichatter.net/blog/2009/07/13/visit-to-indelco-in-clinica-san-fernando/

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