Here, But Busy

If you have noticed that there have been fewer posts than normal, I want you to know that I am still alive. I am fighting a cold, but that isn’t the reason for fewer posts.

I am expecting a hardware upgrade for my Mac Mini to speed it up. If it isn’t here today, i hope it is in next week. It arrived in Miami in time to be delivered this week, but getting things from the states is not precise.

The upgrade will require me to format all hard drives and I don’t want too much that I have to manually back up before I try the upgrade. A real motivation killer.

Also the loss if the iPhone put another crimp into my ability to easily have photos for posting, as well it is cutting me off from the world in general without phone calls. It is amazing that I haven’t gone into total withdrawal.

I think I have an iPhone 4S acquired in Texas and will just have to await for it to get to Panama. Could be in feburary. Being without a cell phone is painful.

I am just considering this a break until I get all things back to normal.

If you need to contact me, drop me an email and I will give you a land line number where I can be reached.

19 thoughts on “Here, But Busy

  1. Happy New Year, Don. We were in Panama briefly but now I’m back at work in the office. Roll on retirement….!

  2. Hi Don
    Glad that you have an iPhone coming, I know that the withdrawal is painfull, my wife has her’s growing out of her hand now! We will be in the David area January 8, 9 & 10. Will contact you after we land in Panama tomorrow. Staying in Coronado for 2 days, then up to David.

  3. When I lose something important like a cell phone, I consider the withdrawal period and extended time it often takes to acquire a replacement as just punishment for my carelessness. There’s some perverted satisfaction in that.

  4. Hi Don
    I know you are very tech savvy, but for the rest of us Luddites would you please explain your phrase LAND LINE

  5. I think I misplaced your land line number, Don. Was it 2 longs and a short or 2 shorts and a long?

  6. Jim & Nena, actually when I lived on a farm in Oklahoma, it was 2 longs Ana a short!

    Tom – when I get the 4 S, I will take it to the Claro office and have them add the sim.

  7. I have a two hour stopover in Houston en route to Panama. Happy to bring your phone over with me if you can get it to the airport.

  8. Thanks? I think I have it covered. The iPhone is purchased and being sent to a CC reader in Houston who eill bring it down to Panama in a couple weeks.

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