Clever, But I hadn’t Thought of It

In December I was in Cochez. Being the holiday, they were giving out helium balloons to the kiddos. And as you would expect some would get away and float to the ceiling.

In Cochez, the ceilings are pretty high.


I noticed an employee putting tape on a balloon and found out how they get them down from the ceiling.

Here he is letting his balloon up.


He bumped the balloon with tape into a balloon, the tape stuck and he pulled both balloons down.


Then he moved on the the next balloon.

I thought it was pretty clever.

5 thoughts on “Clever, But I hadn’t Thought of It

  1. You have captured the precise differences between Panama and the USA!
    In the US, we would start thinking about building some device which would be able to reach the escaped balloons: battery powered, vacuum operated, possibly remote controlled, and requiring a microprocessor to run it.
    In Panama, stick some tape to another balloon and done. haha
    We have a lot of lessons to learn from Panama about getting back to basics.

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