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I bought myself an oscillating fan. Because I like to be comfortable. Twelve percent of the time.

Portrerillos Water Situation Update

I received the following update along with referenced photos on the Potrerillos Water situation from Diane.

Well, another week has gone by and another visit, my third, to the office of Idaan in David. During this visit it was revealed that 10 more towns in Chiriqui Province have reported drastic problems within their water systems. David and Algarobas (sp) were added last week. This weekend Bugaba and Alane developed similar problems.

The town of Potrerillos has some serious problems but I feel because we are just a bedroom community and so many areas with financial influence have been affected, we are put to the end of the list again. Continue reading Portrerillos Water Situation Update

Fast food restaurants probably shouldn’t have a value meal called the “number 2.”

Retire in Panama? Yes or No?

I can tell by the increased number of emails I receive each week from people considering Panama as a retirement home that it is time to address some of my thoughts again.

I have written several pieces throughout the years on this subject, but I think it is too difficult for many people to find them. With the financial stress being placed on people around the world and Panama continually being ranked high on some survey about retirement places, it has to happen.

People want a quick answer and they only want reasons why Panama would be the perfect place for them. Many start as I did and search for every Yahoo group that is Panama related. After living here for over 9 years, I avoid the Yahoo groups almost as much as I would like to avoid watching U.S. news broadcasts.

That is not to say that there isn’t any worthwhile information on these sources, but sometimes I don’t need to be depressed and often those sources depress me. Continue reading Retire in Panama? Yes or No?

Every Leg Has A Story

DSC00703I got a call from Tom McCormack this morning. He said, if I got a chance, to drop by where he was fitting legs. He had a room in Casa de Jubilados, which is to the left off Brenes at the stop light by the police station. I am sure you remember Tom from the posts I have done about the containers he has brought to Panama.

I took Tom up on his invitation. He said he is there 4 days a week and people just show up. He said he has six to eight people waiting every day and never is able to see all that come.

Tom gave me his statistics, of the people he had seen, and if I remember correct, the reason for the loss of legs were almost equal between accidents and diabetes. In many cases, a person has a better chance of utilizing a prosthesis if the loss is because of an accident rather than diabetes.

I was there while he saw three people. Two men had lost their legs because of accidents and the lady had lost her leg 10 months ago because of diabetes. Continue reading Every Leg Has A Story