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My face is becoming a made-for-TV plot line, where a new wrinkle emerges everyday.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All!


Chiriquí Chatter wishes all of its friends the Merriest of Christmases and a Great 2013!

I have been like the butcher that backed into his blade and I’ve gotten behind in my work. Not that I really think of Chiriquí Chatter as work. The fact that there have been few posts indicate that the holiday season has been taking all of my time.

Chiriquí Chatter isn’t work for me, it is more of a labor of love and at this time of year, love should be foremost in our minds. I feel fortunate to be around friends that fill my days with nothing but joy.

With all of the hustle and bustle this time of year, take a little time out and make sure that your friends and family know how important they are. As we grow older we realize that friends and family are much more important than things that are purchased.

Perhaps it is because love and friendship can’t be purchased, that make them so valuable. The best thing you can share with others is your smile, your love and your willingness to be a memorable part of their lives.

Happy holidays to all from Chiriquí Chatter.

I believe in taking the bull by the horns. Then, I believe in steering it in the direction of whoever’s bugging me.

I’m trying to find myself. But, to make it interesting, I’m wearing camouflage.

Ever decide to run a red light and the guy in front of you chickens out?

“I” before “e” except after “Old MacDonald had a farm”

Donate a Toy & Have a Happy Heart


Somos un equipo de jóvenes que como personas independientes a cualquier tipo de empresa, organización o institución queremos realizar un pequeño proyecto con el propósito de “Regalare una sonrisa a un niño en esta navidad” buscando en algunas barriadas las familias humildes y poder darles un pequeño obsequio a sus niños para estas fiestas de fin de año. Deseamos solicitar un un juguete nuevo para un niño o niña, de igual forma Aceptamos todo tipo de donaciones en apoyo a esta noble causa. ANTES DEL 22 DE DICIEMBRE
Dejamos con ustedes nuestros números de celulares para cualquier contacto e información que deseen al respecto. Oscar Vásquez 66391931 y Jorge Serrano64905405. Puede hacernos llegar los juguetes por flete chavales, o Donaldo guerra

Nos despedimos esperando contar con su valioso apoyo y colaboración, a la vez deseándole mucha prosperidad y bendiciones en todas sus actividades.

The Gift of Life

Yesterday, I went to Chiriquí Hospital to visit with Tomas, his wife Mirna and their lovely daughter Stella. I had met Tomas last year at one of Tom McCormack’s container deliveries, where Tomas was helping unload.

This family is in the process of moving from the US to Panama. Last week I received an email from Mirna (in Miami at the time of the email) that Tomas was in need of blood for an emergency operation in David and could I assist her in finding a blood donor.

I contacted Mary Lynah and she came to the rescue. On extremely short notice, she found a donor.

In talking to Tomas yesterday, he was extremely grateful and said without it, he wouldn’t be here.

Please see my past post on the Boquete Hospice and Health Foundation. This organization does an outstanding service.

Chiriquí Chatter salutes Mary, the Boquete Hospice and Health Foundation, and Mary’s outstanding volunteers.

Mirna was extremely grateful to Mary and had high praise for Dr. Javier Alvarado (neurosurgeon) , who performed the surgery. She also was highly complimentary of Dr. Felipe Villarreal in David. Dr. Alvarado flew in from Panama City on short notice to do the operation.

I really like to see happy endings like this.

You can always talk to me. I just can’t guarantee I’ll be listening.