Laid To Rest With Honor

As the clock ticks down on 2012, I wish I had something prophetic to say. This is the best I can come up with.

Years are sort of like lives. They have a beginning and an end. In the beginning there are great expectations. In the end, if most of those expectations have been met, then lives and years can be laid to rest with honor.

One of the last people I met, through the U.S. Embassy Warden duties, was Ronald Gometz. He was one that received blood in for an operation in November. He was 84 years old, a retired veteran and still had more life he wanted to live.

Unfortunately for Ronald, his time had been used up and his frail condition made recovery an unfulfilled wish.

It had been Ronald’s wish for his final resting place to be in Panama. The family asked if I could help make that wish come true.

I had heard that there was a burial location in Panama City for U.S. Veterans and asked the Embassy what the requirements were and if Ronald could be buried there. After checking, the Embassy found that there were still a few available locations left and Ronald met the requirements.

I contacted the Panama VFW and they said they would lay their fellow comrade to rest with honor. The funeral ceremony took place December 21.

At the end of this post I am going to include a photo album of Ronald Gometz’s closing chapter.

Ronald’s closing ceremony was on December 21. 2012’s closing ceremonies will occur tonight.

My hope is that you had the majority of your expectations for 2012 met. Those of us that are lucky enough to welcome in 2013 have more time to finish some of the things we have left to accomplish.

I wish all of the reader’s of Chiriqui Chatter a Happy New Year.

  • One that is filled with enjoyment each day.
  • One that is filled with love and companionship of good friends and family.
  • One that is filled with tolerance.
  • One that is filled with forgiveness.
  • One that is filled with hope.
  • One that is filled with charity for those less fortunate.
  • One that is filled with …

With this I lay to rest Chiriquí Chatter’s 2012. I hope it has been laid to rest with honor as was Ronald Gometz. RIP

Ronald Gometz (1928 – 2012)

4 thoughts on “Laid To Rest With Honor

  1. a beautiful tribute to a great man & a wonderful 2012 for me. thank you don ray! wishing you the same great 2013 you wish for all of us. thank you for all your time in making us think about life. happy new year!

  2. Thank you Don Ray for sharing your highs and lows this year. This has been my first year in Panama and each day has been better than the one before. I feel truly blessed to live in such a remarkable place with such wonderful people. My adjustment into the everyday life here has been made a lot easier through reading your blog and feeling your feelings. The main thought that Imshare with you is that we are guests here and the honor and respect that we show to our hosts is returned to us many times over. May the New Year bring and you and your loved ones peace, joy and prosperity.

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