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  1. Thank you for good information. Have printed out the suggested documents to save. Hope I never have to use them.

  2. I just read your other comment about a sore throat,(which I deleted) which is not profound in it self. However the first time I arrived in Panama I caught one of the worst colds of my life. It seems to be easy to catch a cold in Panama. Having AC turned on all night & you wake up in the middle of the night chilled & the next thing you know you get a cold.

    A woman in Bouquette commented to me when she saw me snorting & sniffing away & said that it was a very common thing that happens. Perhaps a blog about that would be interesting.

    It seems strange that the most common ways that a person visiting could have a miserable time is getting a cold & getting a terrible sun burn.
    My wife who has olive skin & tans exceptional well peeled like a snake last spring.
    That is another article that most would relate to.

    Both I got the first time I was down, I was a mess when I went back to Canada.

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