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I guess I can’t keep all the balls in the air anymore. I was supposed to buy some personal items and take them to an American Citizen that was recently arrested and placed in the Women’s facility near David.

No big deal, I can do that. I bought all the items and called the Embassy to say I could make the trip. Since I have never been there and didn’t know how to get there, I decided to use the taxi that the Embassy uses for all of their work here.

I was supposed to meet him at El Rey. I only met him once and that was over a year ago and I didn’t remember what he looked like. Cabs pulled up and most didn’t stop. A couple did and when I asked if they were the name of the driver I needed, they said no.

However one said ¨yes¨. When he started off, he said ¨where to¨ in English. I said, you don’t work for the Embassy do you. He said no. I said, I was on Embassy business and waiting for a certain driver. We had not left the El Rey parking lot, so he made a circle and dropped me off at the front.

I got out, another couple got in and he left again. I went to call my driver again and guess what, no cell phone. It must have slipped out in his cab. I called all the cab companies, but was told that there are more independents now and no way to track it down.

I used the Lost Phone app to list it as missing. It was turned on once after I lost it. Being in a cab, it will never return. Today was a costly day. For $26 worth of personal items that I was to deliver, I lost a costly iPhone.

I am really bummed out. At 3:00PM it was last seen here.

Lost Phone

Next I decided to go to the local CLARO office and notify them of it being missing. While parking in the ARROCHA parking garage, I got too close to one of their pillars and gouged my right rear bumper. OUCH!

I am ready for 2013. 2012 is starting to stink. The way things are going I may get locked up in the women’s prison tomorrow when I go to deliver the things I was going to deliver today..

You know what? I think it does get better than this.

8 thoughts on “Last Seen

  1. Don Ray,
    Cheer up…tomorrow will bring better things. As the previous comment, you are trying to do good deeds all the time, and most people thank you. You do not have to do them, but you chose to and believe me, God will reward you for it.

  2. The last thing I lost was my virginity. Don’t really miss it.
    As for being locked up in a women’s prison, that could go either way.

    Sorry for the loss of the phone, the expense is bad enough but losing today’s phones is like losing a file cabinet full of data. Since you are smarter than the average bear, I’m guessing the iCloud makes that hassle a little easier to “bear”. 🙂

    Thank you again for all you do in helping the expats find their way.

  3. Don, you continously try to help those in need,and even though sometimes things
    do not work out as it seems, you are still there trying. I can appreciate that.
    One good thing to know other than friends, is also a police person that is
    an officer , or any other police that is in charge there at the David jail.
    That will help a lot also when an American is detained for whatever reason.
    We have gotten to know a few officials that work there and some have even
    stopped by our home in their police cars to check on us every now and then.

    Of course it helps when my wife’s sister is a police woman, but anyone can
    get acquainted with them, as we helped an American mother and daughter
    that live here, with police help, after their residence got robbed and now they
    too have visits periodically from the police.

    Best way to keep from being arrested is to always have your papers in order
    and be observant of what is going on so you will not be at the wrong place at
    the wrong time.

    Clearly things will happen at times , and no one control that all the time,
    but the more people you know , the more help could come.

  4. Don, you are a stand-up guy and always have your boots on. Your misfortune is a classic example of “No good deed goes unpunished” sorry about your phone..

  5. Don Ray I absolutely hate it when bad things happen to good guys, and you are definitely a good guy. 2013 will be better,. Give Lilliam a kiss and Koki a hug. A month from now, things will look better and you will realize that however hard the journey, people along the way really, really value you.
    You Have My Greatest Respect for All You Do.

  6. I have heard and experienced it — “no good deed goes unpunished”! I don’t mean to belittle you in any way — your sense of humor exhibited in your blog proves you are top of the line, and hopefully those words just make you smile! I have been a legal reform activist for years (8 minute blog on YouTube from a cable show interview (“Your Honor” with Dennis Grover, who passed last fall). It just seems that much of and around and permeating the legal system ANYWHERE is rather toxic.

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