Dog Sitting

Koki has her friend, Antonella, staying with her. My dad used to say, “One dog is a dog; Two dogs are 1/2 a dog and three dogs are no dog at all”.

I remember him saying that when I was about 8 years old. We were living on the farm and we had two dogs. I am not sure I understood what he meant at that young age. However, seeing these two being out of control together gives me more of an idea.

Koki is about four now and Antonella ia about 6 months. You can tell the difference in their ages. It is like a kid and a young adult. Koki will play with Antonella and then after a while, she says, “That’s enough. Leave me alone.”

Antonella has only two modes (Awake and super active or asleep). Koki tends to have a calmer side.

Antonella has a bed that goes in her crate. I am putting both dogs in a crate at night because I can’t trust then running around loose in the house at night unsupervised.

This morning, Antonella had pulled her bed out and was dragging it all around the house. She would jump on Koki’s back and was just bugging her.

I took the following photo. The caption struck me as to the attitude Koki had.

Antonella – “Get off my bed.”
Koki – “Make me!”

Dogs are great companions. I can’t tell you how much enjoyment Koki has brought me. I am not sure if it is something to be concerned about, but I sometimes find myself talking to Koki. Sometimes in English and sometimes in Spanish. She is bilingual. Since she has lost her hearing I hope she can read lips.

I think dogs are even more important when things aren’t going right. They seem to sense it. Lilliam had to rush to Costa Rica. Her daughter started having heart arrhythmia last week and it isn’t under control yet.

My mind is having a hard time focusing on anything at the moment because of this personal crisis. It seems like when we are at a holiday season and everything should be happy, personal crisis have more of an impact. Just like the mass killing in Connecticut or the recent murder of the young lady in David.

Our hearts go out to everyone in pain over the holidays. My thoughts today are with Lilliam and Susan and I hope that the situation is stabilized soon.

I have so much I need to do today and at the moment, so little desire to do it.

3 thoughts on “Dog Sitting

  1. take it easy my friend….at least until everyone is well & you can truly enjoy the holiday season together. when the desire to accomplish is not there…your body is trying to tell you something.

  2. Please tell Lilliam that we are praying. Our younger son had similar problems brought on by chemotherapy when he was 16 and recently had a pacemaker implanted to increase his heart’s pumping efficiency. Doctors work miracles nowadays so there is always hope. Faith never hurts either.
    jim and nena

  3. The best thing to do when you are depressed or anxious is to take your dogs into bed and take a nice nap for a couple of hours. I have 5 wonderful. caring, loving dogs that watch over me. Somehow they know when I’m hurting with pain or depressed over family issues. They gather around me and I swear they communicate telepathically and tell me that I need a nap. I go to bed and 4 of them join me with their bodies touching me and/or their heads resting on me. The nap is always very soothing and when they determined I’ve slept long enough, its kisses and head butts to get me up. When my eyes open, I’m staring into 4 beautiful happy, smiling faces.

    My day has been saved by my best friends and companions. They never fail to bring a smile to my face or make me laff my butt off when they play.

    So take care and get a few naps…stuff can wait awhile here in Panama but you can never recover the lost time you could’ve shared with your dogs. ;-))

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