Time To Replace The Tank

Last night I took a very quick shower. There was no hot water. I do not do well in under a cold water shower. I only washed the important parts. Unfortunately, it is my important parts that really don’t like cold water.

Strangely enough many Panamanians prefer it. That is one reason, if you buy a Panamanian house, you have to check to see if it is plumbed for hot water.

This morning I ran to the station and picked up a new tank for $5+. I just checked and my records show that I bought the last tank on October 4th.

I use two small gas tanks (their price is government subsidized). One is for cooking and one is for hot water. My total household gas usage is less than $5 a month.

If I have a tank outage on Monday through Saturday, I can usually just call and they will drop off a tank at the house. The normal wait time is less than an hour. This morning it took a 10 minute round trip to a local service station.

My utility bills are one of the big reasons I love Panama. My last electricity bill was $52. When I remember my $300+ monthly utility bills in the states, I have to smile.

11 thoughts on “Time To Replace The Tank

  1. My last Union Fenosa electric bill was $9.84. In Fort Lauderdale my monthly tab at Florida Plunder and Loot averaged about $125.

  2. Quick question since I don’t remember the details, could you just switch the tanks out from the kitchen to use in the shower? It’s probably quicker to run to the station but I just can’t do cold showers.
    You are spot on about Panamanians and their cold showers. Nena says you get used to it. She and all her sibs would shower before school and that was Boquete water. You have to heat that water to get it up to just cold. We run shower temps here at 100 degrees but she doesn’t use water that hot.
    It is also very common for Panamanians to duck into the shower after lunch during the hottest part of the day, just to cool off.

  3. I could do that, but the station is so close it isn’t a big deal. I record when I change tanks and can then tell how long each lasts. Just another worthless statistic I keep track of.

  4. Have a hot water solar system installed but before that have had to take a shower at my wife’s aunts house up in Volcancito and it’s like ice cubes coming out of the shower head. The coldest shower I have ever had was in a hostel on top of Volcan Tourrialba, Costa Rica. My important parts were frozen for a week!!!

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