Farewell – So Long – I Hate To See You Go

Farewell To My Morning Friend.

Yes, it is as if I have lost a friend. Over the last two years, I had a morning ritual of grabbing my iPad in the morning and reading THE daily. Apparently there weren’t enough of us to keep the publication afloat.

It was a sad day when I read THIS upon opening the app.

I thought the Daily was unique and it provided me much more entertainment that its subscription price.

I enjoyed their Farewell Video. Maybe because it was based on a song from one of my favorite movies (The Sound of Music). I thought it was a classy farewell.

Here is a Timeline of Daily Articles.

They say all good things eventually come to an end. I am just sorry to see The Daily go.

5 thoughts on “Farewell – So Long – I Hate To See You Go

  1. I have always read the newspaper from my hometown, but the person that always sent viable information received a response that, IF he tried to download — pay for it. All this is and will be happening. Businesses are going out of business and our past life/information/current is gone. More $$$ and more $$$ Gov’t waste and spending and less information and more control.

  2. I didn’t mind paying for the Daily. I still have several other news sources to fill my mornings. USATODAY is one of them. It has a pretty nice iPad app. Besides, I have CNN and Fox News on Cable Onda.

    Sometimes I feel like I am better of not knowing what is going on. I stay happier.

  3. I too share the same morning ritual with my charished iPad and The Daily! I will miss that publication terribly 😔 if you find something to replace it please let us know! For now I suppose the USA Today app will have to do. I checked out the new York times but $20.00 a month is a bit steep for me! But I must admit, too much news is not healthy. I am much happier when I’m blissfully ignorant about much of the violence in the world. Cheers! Holly

  4. One problem is that some of us that moved to Panama live on fixed income. Can’t afford all these other essentials and information that we would like to have. The prices on all are going up and up and I guess we are in the realm of $$ reality. The food and gas prices are not helping. It is OK if you have the excess $$ income. We don’t. If there is something wrong, nothing is addressed by Panama stores that we bought our items from OR obligations that don’t work now and what we paid for. I wish I had your site before for the information I am getting now. Another day of frustration.

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