I have downsized my PC operations. You may have noticed that I sold my iMac. It was without a doubt the nicest PC I ever had.

It finally became obvious that all of its capabilities were going to waste. My main use for my PC is posting to this blog, which doesn’t require enormous amount of power. Added to that, most of my surfing the web is done on my iPad.

My 2010 Mac Mini has become my only PC.

I had a 23 inch Asus monitor in the closet and have hooked it up to the Mini. It is a nice monitor and while it isn’t as good as to iMac 27 inch, it is big enough for me.

I have ordered a small number of upgrades that should make my Mini equal to any task I will place on it. I had previously upgraded my Mini to the full 8 MB of memory and that is the 2010’s maximum.

It’s main problem is the lack of disk storage space. It came with a 320 GB hard drive and I have enough photos to push me past that limit.

To solve that problem, I am going to use a 1 TB hard drive that I had saved. In searching for a case to mount it in, I came up with THIS.

It perfectly matches my Mac Mini case. Then I saw this configuration.

It adds a 120 GB Solid State Disk, which is more than enough to hold all of my applications and a little room to spare.

My plan is to replace the 320 GB hard drive in the Mac Mini with the SSD and install my 1 TB drive into the new case.

The upgrade is a little complex. However there are several videos on the Internet showing the process. Following is one of the videos I will use to walk me through the steps.

I had been using my Mac Mini as a Media Center for streaming music and movies to a flatscreen TV. I don’t want to give up that capability, so to solve that problem, I ordered an Apple TV.

I also ordered a tool kit for the upgrade. I could have probably accomplished this task cheaper, but I think this is a quality set and it has all of the special pieces needed to accomplish the upgrade.

The last thing I ordered was an Apple Magic Mouse. There was a good deal on the same website.

While I still had an Apple Trackpad after selling the iMac, I prefer a mouse for most things. I will have them both connected to the Mini. Since the price was significantly cheaper than local, I went ahead added it to my list.

Everything has been ordered and shipped yesterday. With luck, I will start of 2013 with a successful downsizing. The only thing I still need to get is an HDMI cable, but I can get one cheaper at a local Chinese electronics store in David than ordering over the Internet.

I would like a new iPad, but I am going to postpone that until sometime in the future. My original iPad is still chugging along.

It will take a couple weeks for my order to get to David. That will give me time to review all of the upgrade information on the Internet. Stay tuned. If I drop off the year toward the end of the month, it will most likely be my upgrade in progress and not the Mayan Calendar prediction.

My total cash outlay was less than $400. If it all works as I hope, I will be a happy camper.

5 thoughts on “Downsizing

  1. Don, I replaced the 125gig drive in My Macbook with a SSD drive, wow what an improvement. Well worth the investment and effort. is a great how to did it resource.

  2. Hi Lee. Yes, I think it will fill the bill I have also reviewed the ifixit videos, as well as a lot of user forums.

    Hi Abe. I may use dropbox for some things, but too costly for a lot of remote storage.

  3. Don, I put in a 512 ssd and upgraded from 10.6 to 10.8 and with the sad it is slower. Watch out for 10.8 mountain lion.

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