I Was There

The Dallas Morning News is running a series on EDS, the company I worked at from 1970 until 1999. It was quite a ride. I am unable to read the article because I am not a subscriber, but this VIDEO will give some of the history.

My letter from Ross Perot says that there were 2,000 employees when I joined the company. There were around 140,000 employees when I retired. Except for today, those were the happiest days of my life.

UPDATE: I wrote to the author of this series on EDS and told him that I was retired from EDS and now lived in Panama. I asked if he could provide me the articles. He has given me the URLS to the articles and I will try to post them after tomorrow’s article runs.


3 thoughts on “I Was There

  1. The tale of EDS as a firm that inspired the employees to a degree seldom seen is worth retelling. The early EDS folks were really committed.

    In retrospect, it probably wasn’t a very classy thing to do, but there were other, perhaps more cold-blooded, individuals (like me) who saw the early EDS as the best source of on the job training back in the days when IT was still “Data Processing”.

    Once I got that training, me fui con mi música para otro lado, I took my show on the road.

  2. Lots of good soldiers in the EDS army for sure. Rules to fit the rest of our country that we may have lost forever. I liked it.

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