That’s A Wrap

Thursday was the last session with the Universidad Latina English classes.

This was a larger group and the most interesting and participative of all the classes. We divided up into two groups in separate classrooms so that one conversational group would not interfere with the other group. Jacob Billinger also participated in these workshops and will appear in some of the photos.

Most of my questions were the same as in previous groups, but there was one new question.

It was what did I think of panamanian women. I asked to have the question clarified. The the question became , “Did I think Panamanian women were pretty?”

I said “Of course! Why would you think that I would not consider them pretty?”

The person that asked the question said that they were told by many North Americans that the women in Panama were too black.

My reply was that there were all colors in Panama and that I judged people’s beauty by their actions and not by their color and other physical attributes.

While this year’s classes are ending, there will be more classes next year and Dario will need English volunteers. If you would like to participate, you can write Dario at dario_q @ (remove the spaces).

The photos follow:

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