Still In Shock

Last night I had another English class session. The entire school is still in a state of shock over the murder of one of it’s students. Something like this has a great effect on the entire student body.

The students in last night’s class, that I asked, were not close friends, but were very aware and wondering how the investigation would end.

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Here is a photo of Dario (third from the left) and the students that participated last night. I knew the two on the right from previous sessions with the class. The other three were new students for me.

It was another lively session covering many subjects. Here are a few things I remember from last night.

The young man on the right works at TGI Fridays for 8 hours before attending class. He mentioned that he is one of two servers working in Friday’s that speak English and likes to have customers come in so he can practice his English. If you happen to see him in Friday’s, tell him you saw him on Chiriquí Chatter.

To his right is a young lady that works as a receptionist at MAPFRE, which is where I carry my health insurance. She talked a little about her job and how she had to smile and be patient when clients entered. She said many were excited because they had had a car accident and wanted immediate attention. Since she is the first face many see when they go to MAPFRE, she has a lot of pressure to make a good impression for the company.

To her right was a very energetic lady. She spoke good English and is really interested in improving it. It is obvious she takes every opportunity to engage English speakers and has no fear. She works at Caja de Ahorra and would really like to work in the new branch that will be opening across from Plaza El Terronal, because she knows that English is going to be used a lot.

Next is Dario, who is a very good friend. He helped me get started with Spanish. I took a little less than two months of two day a week sessions with him. I had a blast and he made it interesting. I was lucky to be in Boquete at the time and several of the classes were taken walking around the city and using Spanish a daily life situation.

To his left was a delightful young lady. She was from Jordan. She was fluent in Arabic, Spanish and very good in English. She said one of her greatest difficulties was when she had to speak English under pressure and sometimes the words just wouldn’t come to her or she would catch herself using Arabic or Spanish. What a bubbling personality.

To her right was another delightful young lady. She works at Puerto del Sol. She likes accounting and was the most timid in using English, but when I forced her to speak, she did pretty well. She had the least training in English of those that I spoke to and I am sure will greatly improve with time.

It was another great session, with only a hint of the dark cloud of the student’s death hanging over it. It is a shame to meet young people like this, who have so much to offer the works and know that one of there peers had her life shortened by a senseless act.

My sympathy goes out to that student’s family and friends.

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  1. Don, I am back in David and almost ready to go to class. Should I call you or can you send me the schedule and location?
    Chris Smoot

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