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I received the following information notice to post from Volcan.


The Volcan Town Meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 at our VENUE, the MANA Restaurant in Volcan.  Our Meeting will start at 10 AM. MANA Restaurant is located one block down the street at the first right hand turn after passing the first bridge as you enter Volcan. MANA Restaurant welcomes you to try their delicious and varied meals as they are regarded as one of the best restaurants in all of the Chiriqui region. Town Meeting is very appreciative of the gracious hospitality of its proprietor, Jorge, and recommends ordering from their tasty lunch menu while attending our meeting.

Town Meeting is pleased to present Dr. Peter Bormann. Dr. Bormann is an internationally known  German seismologist and an expert on earthquakes. He also takes a large interest in space physics and the universe. His presentation with us will be about our solar system. He will discuss its origin from the “Big Bang” theory to the advent of Mankind and perhaps when it will end and what changes in it that may occur even in our lifetimes. He will talk about the ideas of space travel and if it will be possible to utilize interplanetary space travel in a practical and realistic way. The late Lockheed Skunkworks director, Ben Rich, called the “father of the Stealth” programs, declared that “traveling to the stars” is already possible. He stated this knowledge however, is suppressed from public awareness due to classified secret black-budget operations.

We will find out Dr. Bormann’s thoughts on this and other claims that there may be an unpublicized advanced parallel technology using Tesla technology that has already rendered present fossil fuel technology obsolete. This should be an interesting and thought stimulating presentation as since 1959, Americans have been warned of a “Military-Industrial Complex,” that may be past the limits of control by Democratic institutions.

Dr. Bormann can also talk about any possibility of the Volcan Baru becoming more active and what this may involve for the Highlands and surrounding areas of western Panama. When I first arrived here six years ago, I was told that the volcano had been inactive for many, many years. However, since then, it has been reported that it is an active volcano after all.

In addition, we will feature our regular News Topics in keeping folks informed of new laws, proposed legislation and other recent developments being implemented by decision makers in the United States, Panama and around the world which may very well make changes in your life and lifestyle, no matter where you live. A very recent development that we will discuss is the ongoing situation at COACECSS Cooperative. Several Ex-Pats in our area have savings here in this institution which has again been in the news.

We will also discuss, since the U.S. Presidential elections, of recent proposals for increased gun control, proposed committee legislation for the nationalization, or confiscation, of all 401K, State government and private company pensions by the U.S. Government, and what the latest is on security, cash and travel controls. All these have been predicted to be on a focus in the next four years of the current administration. Several other countries have already implemented similar actions in confiscating pension systems such as Argentina, Portugal, Hungary, Bulgaria and Ireland. Other nations about to do so are Poland and France.

We will also present news about the U.S. Government recently proposing the idea of eliminating the “debt ceiling,” or the amount of money that can be borrowed by it,altogether.  We will talk about what this means for the future of the U.S. Dollar and present form of government. And, we will comment on a report of English language proficiency in Panama. English is a compulsory course for all students in public and private schools in Panama, starting in Kindergarten and ending when they graduate from high school.

We hope to see you on Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 and look forward to your participation. If you have any questions, or wish further information, please email Joe at spick55a@gmail.com

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