Fun Is Where You Find It

I have really had a great week. My typical plan for each week is to have no plan for the week. I always know that whatever comes along is going to be fun for me.

Last Friday I got to meet a couple of Chiriquí Chatter readers from Potrerillos. They came to David to pick up one of Malcolm Henderson’s new books (Superstitions, Pirates, Ghosts, and Folklore of Bocas del Toro). As it happened, Malcolm was free and delivered it with me. We met in the coffee shop in CONWAY.

I didn’t know it before, but CONWAY, serves a great breakfast for $3.50. Put that in your memory bank for future reference. The lady said she always reads CC and still had feathers in her mouth from that morning’s read.  Cracked me up when I remembered what I had posted.

This week, I made another stop at Terraza for a cappuccino and a slice of pecan pie. The pie was fabulous. If i wasn’t concerned about over indulging, I would have had a second slice. Today’s one-liner may have been triggered by thinking of that pie.

Yesterday, I got to help a friend of mine with her new Apple purchase. She purchased a new Mac Mini at MultiMax. She was also considering getting a new Apple mouse and keyboard. I asked the salesman if she purchased them all could she get a discount. Can you believe it? She got a $50 discount. Just goes to show you, it never hurts to ask.

She had an earlier version Mac Mini that she was replacing. It’s story is probably worth repeating. A little over a month ago there was a huge electrical storm in David. One lightening strike took out her Cable Onda modem, her Wireless router and the Mac Mini. Her Mac Mini was on a good UPS and never lost power. However, she didn’t have the Ethernet cable from the Cable Onda modem going to the UPS prior to going to her router.

If she had don’t that bit of wiring she would have only lost the modem. She now has her new Mini running Wireless, but her new router is still at risk until she purchases one more Ethernet cable.

Bringing up her new Mini was a breeze. Since she had been using Time Machine and it restored all of her bookmarks, files, etc. It only took a short period of time to start the Mini, register for iCloud, and do the Time Machine migration to her new setup.

Her setup really looks sweet! She is a happy camper.

Today’s church service was especially happy. Maybe it was the music. Maybe it was the friendships I feel when I go there. Maybe it was the beautiful afternoon that would follow.

For lunch today, it was McDonalds. I actually like their fried chicken. While we were eating the pretty lady (Yuribeth Quiroz), in the photo to the right, came over to take a survey. Lots of questions on quality of service and food, politeness of order takers, cleanliness of the facilities, …

I really have no complaints about the McDonalds on the InterAmerican highway. They are alway polite. They always smile and I have always been treated as though the cared about me as a customer.

I had fun meeting her and appreciate that this business cares enough about what people think to ask.

Now I am sitting here watching New England play Miami and writing this blog. Lilliam often asks me why I can’t just sit and watch TV and relax. Old habits are hard to break. In the past I watched TV with a technical magazine in my hands. Now it is an iPad.

At 5:00 PM I am meeting another CC reader that is picking up both of Malcolm’s books. I get to meet so many nice people this way. For me, fun is where you find it and I find it everywhere.

Seems like my granddaughter is the same.

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  1. Howdy…I receive a “video unavailable” response when trying to view the video. Otherwise…great post. I tried the chicken a few days ago at the San Mateo McDonalds. It was very good. However, I’m still surprised at the small size of the chicken pieces. My petite figure doesn’t need bigger pieces…but the chicken does taste good.

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