For Sale Tab

I am adding a FOR SALE tab at the top of the blog. It has come to my attention that some of my past posts have become outdated and the items may no longer be for sale. To simplify things for me, I am adding this new tab.

All items in this tab are still for sale. If notified that a listing is no longer available, I will remove it from the FOR SALE page.

Remember that contact and purchase information is in the original post (referenced by the FOR SALE tab) or in the For Sale tab.

4 thoughts on “For Sale Tab

  1. Great idea. I have a house to rent or sale. Do the posting have to be mailed to you or can the user post it directly on the website?

  2. Just my opinion but I think that house prices should be stated up front. You know that this is Panama where sometimes prices are different for Panamanians and Foreigners.

  3. If you don’t want to contact the sellers, don’t. I list them as I receive them. There are other reasons why they may not list the price. At any rate, it is their decision. No more debate on this issue.

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