Looking Through The Eyes of Love

Two local talents (Mary Binder and Issac Calidonia), that I have had the pleasure of meeting, perform now and then around Chiriqui. I went to a presentation of Mary’s at Casa Cultural La Guaricha and had a great evening.

I met Issac Calidonia during the same evening and I know that Mary has a tremendous amount of respect for his artistry.

If you ever get the opportunity to hear either or both, don’t pass it up.

Let me share a sample of them performing “Looking Through The Eyes of Love”.

8 thoughts on “Looking Through The Eyes of Love

  1. Don as an oldie whose hearing is a problem, I delighted by these two artists because I could hear every word clearly. What fabulous diction! I was born speaking English and now find that even with my limited Spanish, I often understand more in Spanish than I do when spoken to in rapid-fire mid-Atlantic. Please alert me to future performances by these two.

  2. Fabulous….absolutely Fabulous. We will soon be there to hear them at their next event. Russ and Jaydene

  3. Memories of watching Ice Castles the year our daughter was born — beautiful rendition. Thank You Don Ray.

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