CC Reader Car Cam Experience

I am posting this as a positive reinforcement that having a Car Cam in Panama is a worthwhile investment. I will also say that there are two sites in David that sell Car Cams. One is Planet Telecom and the other is in the Dolegita Romero’s shopping complex.

Hi Don,
Use as much or as little of the following as you wish for your blog.

What is it with gringos and euphemisms?!
Anyway, I was in a crash with a bus which swerved into my path. No injuries, both vehicles disabled.
In the hearing yesterday, the facts of the case and the police diagram were in my favor. The video iced the cake.
I am now is a good position to claim more than $1000 from the insurance of the bus (my old beater Cherokee is too old to be covered in my policy).
These car cams are a great idea. The facts of a case will often be not clear-cut.The one I have can be ordered by going to and finding the link in the right-hand margin. I can’t seem to find them locally.

I, too, had planned on the Thanksgiving buffet at the Hotel Cuidad de David but had to go to the hearing instead. Fortunately I saw the notice in Chiriqui Chatter about Resturant Quatro and so went there for dinner.
Our party of four all had the turkey special. We all loved it! Add a wonderful bottle of white Spanish wine and the pecan pic dessert–bliss!


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  1. We swear by our dash cam. We bought it after Don Ray suggested it here on his blog. We recently were stopped by a police officer just past Dolega an issued an undeserved $75/3 pt ticket for “Hazardous driving. We put the dash cam video onto an Ipad and brought it to the traffic judge. He laughed and after some paperwork, dismissed the ticket. Now, when have you known that to happen in Panama???
    I bought my cam from Deal Extreme for $28.20. If you don’t mind waiting a while (it ships from China), this is a great deal! Video quality is fine.
    Thanks for the great tip, Don!

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