Some Restaurant updates

I went by Restaurante Cuatro yesterday with the expectation of having Sunday lunch, but found that it was closed. I wrote Chef Luis and found out that he has gone back to the Monday through Saturday schedule.

He did inform me that he is taking reservations for Thanksgiving. The menu follows.

Especiales del Día de Acción de Gracias
Thanksgiving day specials
Pavo asado en hierbas y especias, puré de camote con sirope de arce y relleno de pan de maíz con chorizo
Roast turkey with herbs and spices, cornbread and sausage stuffing and sweet potato puree with maple syrup
B/. 15
· · · ·

“Pecan pie” con salsa de caramelo y helado de chocolate blanco

Pecan pie with caramel sauce and white chocolate ice cream
B/. 6

I have also had a few comments, on recent restaurant favorites I have had, stating that there had been changes, either to the quality of the food, the menu prices, or both.

Two restaurants in particular are Muelle 18 and Mar Caspio Cafe. Remember that there is a restaurant list on Chiriquí Chatter and comments help other people know of current quality and allows them to know what to expect. Remember to leave the comment on the main post for the restaurant.

I will tell you I have eaten at The Branding Iron in Dolega several more times, the last time being last Friday, and it is still the best Chicken Fried Steak outside of Texas. The only thing it needs to work on is the French Fries. I have to ask for crispy. A restaurant has to be good for me to drive that far to have a meal.

I have a new restaurant that I will try to get posted today that is in David. It is very well done and I can tell by the attention to detail, that it is going to stay around. Watch for it.

Remember to help others by leaving a review on the main restaurant writeup for the benefit of others. Try to be specific if you dislike some and not just say, “It Sucks”. I always give a restaurant the benefit of the doubt if I have one meal that is not up to par, but two times is usually my limit.

We tried Tambu Country out a couple Sundays ago, when a road blockage prevented me from going to El Rincón Libanés. I remembered why I had written Tambu Country off my list of restaurants to eat at.

You can help me and others if you review the restaurants list and giving up to date comments. If they are no longer in business, let me know and I will update the list. Also if there are new restaurants that should be tried, let me know that as well.

I don’t make it to Volcan and Boquete often, so if you want to write up a review of a restaurant that I don’t have in the list, I will post it.

3 thoughts on “Some Restaurant updates

  1. I’m wondering how you got a chicken fried steak at the Branding Iron. I told the order taker 3 times that I wanted the steak. I got chicken fried chicken. What does a person have to do?

  2. I say “Con Carne – no Pollo”. You might also ask to talk to Neil and tell him about the problem so he can make adjustments.

    Another thing you can do is to send it back for the correct order. That will probably get the point across.

  3. I think Olga’s Punto de Encuentro in Boquete is worthy of mention. It’s breakfast only, open until noon. It’s primarily a gringo hangout. The food and service are both very good. (Located right behind Todo es Un Dolar.)

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