Choco Mix

Yesterday afternoon I visited the Regional Hospital, and my pick me up after these visits is to stop into Gelato Pacifico at the Chiriquí Mall Food Court.

Yesterday, I was greeted with two new flavors. One was Rum Raisin, which I really like and thought I would get it when i saw it was available.

The other was called Choco Mix. The lady behind the counter told me it was one I would really enjoy. What a decision to make. One of my all time favorites or an unknown Choco Mix.

Well the lady was so convincing, that I took Choco Mix. It was absolutely fabulous. If you are coming into David for any kind of business, you have to try out the best ice cream in Chiriquí. It will make your drive back to where ever you are going so much more pleasurable.

Tell David, the owner, I sent you and to keep up the great work.

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