Electricity Just Went Off

The UPS alarm is my wake-up alarm this morning.

UPDATE: The power just came back. Only a 50 minute outage. Whew! I thought I was going to have to take a cold shower this morning.

Naw! No cold shower for me – just plenty of cologne.

3 thoughts on “Electricity Just Went Off

  1. We always had hot water in our home finished in ’07 until IDAAN took over. 2011. Now we have hot water on an intermittent basis because of water pressure ??, maybe 1X per 2 weeks HOT. Why would that change? We can’t afford to deal with this. .NOW,…LESS AND LESS. . DUH….

  2. Had the same problem as Charlotte H. Not enough constant water pressure, even with a pump. Solved that problem by installing a Solar hot water system. Now, never have that problem, always have hot water.

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