It’s Rewarding and I’ll Share

I do not remember when I accepted the invitation to become the David Warden, but it has been one of the best things I have ever done.

Obviously there have been highs and lows, but both have brought a satisfaction. There are several Wardens in Chiriquí, and I am sure they also feel rewarded by helping as well.

Fortunately or unfortunately, David seems to get more activity because of the hospitals and the fact that it is the capital of Chiriquí. Many tasks that start in the other Warden’s areas sometime wind up needing help from the David Warden just because it is more efficient to be handled here.

I enjoy serving in this volunteer capacity, but at times I could use a little assistance. I would like to be able to take a trip and not worry about leaving David uncovered.

I have asked a couple people, if they would like to volunteer to take on the position of Alternate Warden for David. To this point I have found no takers.

Even if I am away, I can still take care of getting the Embassy’s messages posted and other things that require Internet capability.

If you would like to assist, please drop me an email. The final decision of who would be appointed as Alternate Warden, will belong to the U.S. Embassy in Panama City.

If you send me an email, I will send it on to Panama City. If confirmed, the Embassy will provide you with letters of introduction in both English and Spanish, which help you in accomplishing the needed tasks.

I am sure you must be wondering what is required of a Warden.

First is distributing information from the U.S. Embassy that gets sent out periodically. As I said, I can probably continue to do that even if I am away.

There may arise the need to visit U.S. Citizens that require some assistance from the U.S. Embassy in Panama City. An example might be getting a Privacy Act Waiver signed. You may need to communicate with some governmental agency in Chiriquí.

There is a possibility you might need to go to the city morgue. You might need to visit local hospitals. I have had times when there were three U.S. Citizens in regional hospitals and that can be a challenge for one person.

Being able to communicate in very basic Spanish is helpful, but not a showstopper if the desire to help is there.

Think about it! If you would like to work with me in supporting the U.S. Embassy in Panama, then drop me an email.

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  1. Just curious all countries where US has embassies have such wardens that help out those in case of emergencies… What a great concept. I was in Thailand for many years but never heard about it .. May be I missed it as I was a full time student many years ago.

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