Daily Archives: November 15, 2012

Short Patient Update

I went by the hospital this afternoon to check on the patient that had the lower limb removed. Today I had no problem going to the fourth floor after I explained my need to check on the patient.

When I arrived at the nurses desk I asked how the patient was doing. I was told that from a medical standpoint, he was doing as well as possible, but he was very sad and depressed. I asked if I could go back and see him so he knew he still had someone checking in and communicating with his family in the US.

I was told that currently visitors were not being permitted in that part of the floor because of an existing bacteria. Today, I didn’t see any of the nurses in special gowns or masks, so I can only assume it is not as dangerous as it was on one of my previous visits.

I also saw the hospital director in the area, and he was in a normal suit, so this is more conformation of a lower level of concern.

When one of the nurses heard me asking about this patient, she said he needed some cream his body and requested that I purchase some Lubriderm. I knew I had seen it at PriceSmart and said I would go get it and bring it back.

I made the purchase and on reentering the hospital, I went to the administrative area and had my contact there write the patient’s name on the cream. I then delivered the cream to the patient’s nurse on the fourth floor.

Today’s visit points out the necessity of having family or friends involved if a patient is in this hospital. The hospital would not have provided the needed Lubriferm cream. It is obviously not a supply kept in the hospital.

A simple lesson on politics

This morning I received an educational email that I thought I would share with everyone. The US presidential election is over and I know all are looking forward to great things in the future.

Panama is starting to get into the political mode and soon there will be in a political fury of potential candidates filling the airways.

We need to take a break and appreciate each day and how lucky we are to be in a beautiful country, with beautiful weather and away from the climatical and political storms seen by so many around the world.

With that as a lead in, let me give you this humorous description of world politics.

While Panama is not listed, you may find one or more of the countries that you feel has similarities to Panama. Continue reading A simple lesson on politics

Remember, there are two words in life that will open a lot of doors for you. Push and Pull.