Have You Seen A Moon Like This?

I took this photo with my iPhone yesterday when I started my walk.

Have you ever seen a moon with the crescent on the bottom? To the best I remember, this is the first one I have seen like this.

Wikipedia Moon Phases.

Here is a cropped photo.


10 thoughts on “Have You Seen A Moon Like This?

  1. I never did see one in the North, but here it seems common to see a “catch water” kind of moon. I hope some knowledgeable person will explain why that is.

  2. Where are you? if in David is normal in indian language Chriqui means Valley of the moon. Thank you for your kindness, see when in a busy country has time to go around just enjoy natural life. Life is good!

  3. My family lives there, one is a famous MD, and my sister and attorney, my mama es older and lovely lady makes everyone feels welcome. When I get to know you better I’ll tell them about you, my brothers has a lovely cabin in the mountains going to Bocas del Toro, is actually a National Park which my family owns the legal rights to ownership. There are no words to describe the site, is peacefully, wild and much more.
    David is hot, and for what I remember not much to do. Well have fun.

  4. Hi, Don,

    I can’t remember seeing a moon like this, but in the movie “Out of Africa”, the authoress in her description of her farm in Africa, she refers to the “moon lying on its back”. Now I can picture what that truly looks like. Thanks!

  5. I seeing the movie many times and the natural elements are just prime gorgeous, the plot is some how scary.

  6. To whomever took the time to make this site, may the Lord Bless you forever and send you much love and prosperity to you and to entire family.

  7. Don this is about the moon and not you can see it in David, I can see it here too but you have the time and a clean sky to do it, here is a country with problems that is yours and mine.
    I am a USA citizen I came here as I told you hoping for a better life, work, study etc. and now the country is a mess not job, crime and I am sure you know the rest.
    People from Panama, David etc, often call me and tell me that the city once peaceful, easy living and with happy people is now crowded and extremely expensive the locals can’t live anymore in their salary due to the huge amount of Americans moving in the country. Absolutely, everything that once was good good prices in food, transportation, hiring help for home, and much more is prohibited the money bring in for the Americans has the country increase prices since, the americans can pay, they expect locals too. There is almost not a piece of beach for the locals go and enjoy Americans bought them, and the locals have to pay them for their use. Boquete is totally taken and local don’t visit due to prohibited prices.
    I am USA citizen and heard what is going on in a country as Panama, breaks my heart, i love America but see that is not the same moon anymore. Now that my mother is dead I will never comeback there, I don’t want to see poor people suffering here and there, because the rich and wealthy are the same here. Your problem is extremely easy to resolve, just look at the pretty moon fall in love and you will feel better.

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