Saved My Butt Again

This morning I was updating part of my contacts and accidentally deleted a contact I needed. Since I have iCloud active, it immediately deleted it on all Apple devices.

Panic set in until I remembered that Time Machine continually backs up my system.

I went to the iMac that has Time Machine activated and looked for the previous entry. I restored that contact and my heart rate went back to normal.

Once again, Time Machine has saved my butt.

When I was on Windows 7, I used Altaro Oops!Backup. It did the equivalent, but cost $37. I see that Windows 8 has a builtin Time Machine Feature. That by itself would make me upgrade from Vista or Windows 7 to Windows 8, if I were still on a Microsoft environment.


4 thoughts on “Saved My Butt Again

  1. I have four macs and never had to use time machine yet. I have windows 8 on the PC and it is on there. It is free of viruses protection as it doesn’t have anything on it to put a virus on or in. Microsoft has all of the code and your machine at home just picks it up. I guess. You can type in windows 8 and a comma and virus protection to read more about it.

  2. Hi Abe. You have obviously never had a drive failure or Time Machine would have been needed to restore. If you haven’t activated it and don’t use it on either your Macs or your new Window’s 8 PC, then you should consider it.

    If you think the Windows 8 system is immune from viruses, you need to read more. Any PC (Mac, Linux, or Windows) are capable of obtaining viruses. Windows 8 automatically uses its own protection, but allows third parties as well.

    They way you worded your comment makes me think you have misinformed yourself.

  3. I really appreciate the Chiriqui Chatter Website but I am not computer literate and don’t know what in the “heck” any of you are talking about…..Sorry about my stupidity but, I do really appreciate your information. Please remember that many of us raised in the coal region didn’t have these advantages. Thanks again.

  4. Hi Charlotte. LOL. I just re-read the post from a standpoint of one that doesn’t know about Time Machine. Pretty funny when I read it in that way.

    I have added a couple references to the post that will explain iCloud, and Time Machine.

    In simple terms, iCloud is Apple’s web technology to automatically sync all Apple devices with current information such as contacts, calendar, and other things.

    Time Machine is Apple’s automatic backup software. On an hourly basis, Time Machine will write an image of all data that has changed in the previous hour to a backup device. I have a standalone external Hard Drive for that purpose.

    If something bad happens, such as deleting something you really need, the backup copy may be used to restore it.

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