Nine, Ten and Eleven

Friday, Tom McCormack brought not one, not two, but three containers from the United States to assist the needs of the residents of Chiriqui. The trucks were met by about 60 volunteers to unload the contents and take them into Gimnasio Municipal Pedregal. I think at least 6 gringos assisted in the unload.

I had another appointment at nine and didn’t get there until ten and the last container was just getting finished. Sorry, I was late, but I did get photos to show what had been accomplished.

Tom spends all of his time providing for the medical needs of his adopted province of Chiriquí. You might say he carries the people’s needs on his shoulders. When the trucks had been unloaded, the volunteers raised Tom on their shoulders as a sign of respect for all that he does.

Tom spoke to all of the volunteers and thanked them for helping him help the people of Chiriquí. He told them that if they had family in need that they would be at the front of the list for these resources. He also told them that nothing would be given out without him personally verifying that there was a valid need. Tom has been her long enough to know that some who will look at this as an opportunity to get something to sell and not for Tom’s intended purpose.

The amount of items that arrived this time is just mind boggling. Tom told me the prices of some of the items and, in US dollars, the items that were delivered in these three containers would be well over a million dollars.

I took this panorama photo as I entered the gym.

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Following is a photo gallery. You will see diapers, wheelchairs (manual and battery powered), hospital beds, walkers, crutches, prostheses, and much much more. Thanks Tom for all that you do.

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  1. This man Tom McCormack is a miracle worker, for sure. You’re lucky to know someone like him, Don, and Panama and Panamanians are really lucky that they’ve got someone like Tom looking out for persons in need out there in Chiriqui. Kudos, lots of kudos to Tom, and thanks, Don, for the impressive photos…

  2. Don

    I know that Tom would not like the publicity but I think this worth to be known. Someone from the locals newspaper of TV stations should do an interview and expose to the country this good job he is doing for the benefit of so many panamanians.

  3. Don,

    Is there a way for us (that are here in the US for part of the year) to ship stuff to Tom’s operational base here in the US? I have medical equipment from surgeries (things like articulated knee braces, etc) that are in excellent condition and that cost a lot. I am sure they are beyond the means or availability of most Panamanians, yet are very critical for medical care. And I think I could get a lot more. I have been looking for somebody that can use them, but they are too bulky to add to my already overstuffed bags to Panama 😉

    Thanks for all your kind and good work!

  4. I have just returned from David and meeting Tom – what a character and a man with a heart of gold. I live in Volcan and we have a Rehabilitation School here which was very very limited in equipment for helping the children (and trust me there are many here) that are physically disabled. We took the Physical Therapist down with us and Tom let them choose what they needed, and it was a lot. This man will have made a huge impact on the physically disabled children of Volcan and a few from Rio Sereno. I donated money to help him in his cause and to my dismay he stated that I was the only one that has ever offered money. What a shock!!! People you live in this province and you need to help, support either by doing physical work or financially, to help this wonderful man with his efforts. I cannot say enough about Tom and the wonderful hard work this man is doing. If you are in an organization, put it forth to your group to donate; if you are an individual any amount would be welcome. He feeds his volunteers as they clean all the equipment and again this out of his own pocket. Please help and let him know that you care.

  5. Thank you Lynn for the nice comments. I was shocked at the amount of your cash donation. Again thanks.

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