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Last week, I noticed that Koki has gone completely deaf. I am not sure what has changed or caused it. I noticed that she was not responding to commands.

Also she would always be waiting at the door for me to come in. Not now because she doesn’t hear me coming.

I can tell she is depressed and confused because she doesn’t understand it. She can now not be allowed to go out of the house without a leash. She would not hear a car and get run over.

I am taking her to the veterinary tomorrow and hope he finds some physical problem.

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  1. Some breeds develop hearing problems as they grow older. We have 8 dogs. only one purebred, Golden Retriever who is going to be 8 in June. She just tunes me out when she wants…typical woman. The others are mixed breeds and the oldest is 13 and his hearing is going too. But sometimes he hears or thinks he does sounds b4 the younger ones. Or maybe he’s getting to old to be bothered with responding !!!! Look for wax build up as it does interfere with their hearing. Good luck with your baby.

  2. I understand. However, Koki is still a young dog. Only four years old. This has been sudden. My hope is that the doctor finds some obstruction has gotten in the ears.

  3. When something happens to “part of our family”, it is devastating. I hope all works out with a solution.

  4. Oh, Don and Liliam, I am sending my prayers that Koki can be cured. If it is permanent, though, Koki will get over it and be a happy dog again. Her other senses will become keener, though you are right about her special care needs.

  5. All our prayers are with you n ur Koki. Joyce is right if Koki goes deaf, her other senses will be keener. Also they feel the vibrations when you talk to her. Have no fear, all will be fine.

    Jim, Jenny and the KidZ

  6. The vet could find no obstruction. We updated her vaccinations, got some drops for her ears, some vitamins, but it appears this is going to be a perminent situation,

    Just one of those things you never plan on.

  7. PLEASE no more rabies vaccines!!! If KOKI had all her shots when she was a puppy the rabies vac is good for at least 10 years. It is known to cause cancer at the injection sites. My vets no longer give them after the 1st set of vaccines EVER. Pfizer, the drug company sells 3-5-10 year vaccines. Most vets buy the 10 year type bcoz its cheaper for both the vet and supposedly passed on to the customer. If you need to ship your dog, most vets both here and in the USSA will sign off on all the shots for a good customer. They know the dangers…if they don’t, find a new vet that does.

    The other thing is if your dog is a home/lap dog and does not come into contact with wild animals or other local uncared for dogs, it’s really not necessary anyway.

    Good luck to you n Koki..
    Jim, Jenny n the KidZ

  8. It’s heartbreaking. When my dog started going blind back in the 90s, I was beside myself for him. Two excellent vets pointed out for me that for dogs, sense of smell is their MOST important sense by far, and he could still largely “see” his world through the fun is smelling things. Maybe on walks, you can let Koki slow down and “smell the roses” for a bit longer than before, to cheer her up? Good luck — to your whole household!

  9. A dog is one animal that definitely becomes part of the family. Koki is an exceptional dog. You senses when you don’t feel well and will rarely leave your side when she senses this. She will come up and put her he’d on your lap and in you’re eyes, you feel her telling you that she loves you.

    It is too bad that people can’t emulate dogs. The world would be a better place.

    I can tell that Koki is feeling better. She is now more alert. She has more energy. Her hearing has not changed, but with her attitude, she is adjusting better than I would in a similiar situation.

    We have restarted our morning walks. She loves them and it is good exercise for me.

    Thanks to everyone’s concern for Koki. This blog has definitely enlarged my family too and I appreciate your support.

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