A Little Disappointing

I watched the Apple announcement yesterday with great anticipation. I purchased the original iPad and really hoped that the new iPad Mini would be an upgrade alternative. Since, I can’t use the latest IOS on my iPad, I miss out on some of the sharing capabilities and benefits of the iCloud, that the new OS offers.

Alas, the $329 starting price, for a device that is only as fast as the iPad 2, sort of eliminates it from my consideration. I would like a second iPad that I could carry more easily, but not at the current prices.

For me, I think I will wait until some of the new iPad 4 devices, the announced yesterday, hit the Apple refurbished area,That is where I purchased most of my Apple products.

I love my iMac and the new one that Apple released is quite an upgrade. The only thing I wished I had on my iMac is the SSD. However, when I bought it, the price to switch to the SSD was out of sight. And with the way Apple builds their products, it is impossible for the average individual to replace the internal workings of any Apple product.

I did upgrade the memory of my original Mac Mini and said that is the last time I will open an Apple product. Still, the elegance and high quality of all Apple products I have purchased keeps me in the Apple camp. Those looking for a new desktop should look at the new iMacs. They appear to be priced well for the quality of the build.

My granddaughters love their MacBook Pros I bought them for graduation and the new MacBooks have improved a large amount.

I was really hoping that a iPad Mini was in my future, but for now I will have to be content with what I have. My original iPad is on from morning till night and is as good as the day I bought it. I expect the battery to go out one of these days and that may be the deciding factor to when I get a new device.

Yesterday’s announcement was a little disappointing from the iPad Mini standpoint. However, Apple made up for it in all other announcements. Microsoft’s product unveiling in a couple of days will be tested to see if Microsoft can get back into growth status or remain in decline.

7 thoughts on “A Little Disappointing

  1. Not sure what you mean by “on all the time”. All iPads are on all the time unless you do a complete power down. It merely consumes less power, if there is nothing on the screen.

    I rarely do a complete power down, and then usually only if something is not operating correctly or applications are aborting.

    It does help to shut down all background apps once in a while to open up more memory for the apps you are really using. I do this periodically too. I also try to let the iPad completely drain the entire battery at least twice a month.

    Other than that, I use it on and off from morning to night and then put it on the charger when I go to bed so it will be ready for the next day.

  2. I track exactly with what you had to say about the iPad mini disappointment. Like you, I have a firstgen iPad and to me the magic number was $200 (what I paid for a Kindle Fire about six months ago). As a serious Apple/MacUser, I believe Apple is now drifting away from it’s lofty position. Whether it’s because of the death of Steve J, or just the business cycle that all companies go through I’m not sure. What I do know is that Apple Maps is an utter disgrace and shows just kind of arrogance that poisons companies.

    The past two Apple launches have cast doubts for me over the company. I hope I’m wrong. It’s interesting that AAPL hit $700 a few weeks ago and then quickly backed down to the low $600. Maybe the best days are over. Regretably, I have a sell order in right now.

  3. I was pulling for $250. I still feel it is a better device than the Kindle Fire. If I were going to buy a new iPad, I would go for the new full sized. It is the same price that I paid for the original and is much faster.

    I felt the other announcements were good. I especially liked the new iMac. However ithemes new MacMini is not bad too.

    Certainly the Maps app fell short, but since I don’t use it anyway, it makes no difference to me. I prefer Wase.

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