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Last Friday, I was invited to an open house of a new security box company in David. It is NacionaBox. The company website can be found HERE. I think I had mentioned it on the post I wrote about Capital Bank. The local administrator, Andrew Davis, had sent me the invitation and gave me a tour of the office.

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This is the entrance to the boxes. It is open during office hours, but a combination is required to open steel gated barrier, and is entered in the keypad to the left of the vault door. Clients have their own security code.

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As seen in the next photo, there are five different sizes of boxes and each is double keyed. One key is retained by the client. The gentleman in the photo is Andrew Davis. He speaks English and Spanish as did the other attendant I spoke with. Outside the vault are private areas to review the contents of the boxes. The open house was catered by Club David. If you drop in NacionalBox , tell Andrew that you learned about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

Following is more information about their offerings. Directions to NacionalBox is in the first document. Click on each document to download it.

Flyer NBBeneficiosRequisitosPrecios,

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  1. Very secure looking place. Unfortunately for me, the service is a little bit on the pricey side for document storage. In the states, I paid $15 annually for a small safety deposit box at my credit union. The NacionalBox price for the same size box (their smallest) is $400 or $33.33 monthly. I’m sure there is a niche for them to fill.

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