A Couple Things

First related to email. I have one reader that has written me several emails lately. I have replied to each of his emails. In each of his emails, he questions why I have not responded to previous emails. I think his last email indicated that he has decided I will not reply and may have something to hide.

If you write me, rest assured that I will answer. One exception would be that your email has gone into a spam folder as suspected spam. Even then, I should reply because I periodically examine my spam folders for non spam. It may just take a little longer.

Now in this gentleman’s case, I suspect my responses are sitting in his spam folder. If you use gmail, hotmail, or yahoo mail remember that they all have their own spam checkers. Since my signature on my email contains my blog address, it can sometimes trigger a spam fault. When you accuse me of not replying and I have replied, it annoys me.

Second, I occasionally receive emails with Panama experiences that the writer thinks may be of interest to others. Sometimes I post them and sometimes I don’t. To be posted, I usually require the author to identify himself or herself and take responsibility for their own writing. It is even better if they want to leave contact information or at minimum respond to comments that come in as a result of their post. I accept no responsibility for the contents of a post or reliability of information written by others.

Third. This is a blog. I have had a few people get upset because I do not post something of theirs (event, charity, for sale item…). Sometimes it is for an event and they seem to want it posted every week until the event happens.

If I think an event is worth telling people about, I will post the date of the event once. I have posted personal property for sale if it is not listed with a real estate agent. I am the one that decides if I will post it or not. Your arguing with me or telling me that it is a worthwhile event and I really should post something you have sent me only annoys me.

Sometimes I have had notices sent to me with speakers I think are scam artists. I don’t care if it is a public meeting, I am not going to promote something or someone I do not believe in especially if I have googled the speaker and don’t like what I found. That meeting may not be posted even though I have posted other similar meetings. Sorry, that is just the way I do things.

I am not sure if this post is informational, worthless or just a rant. Whatever it is, it is now over.

11 thoughts on “A Couple Things

  1. answered my email immediately. Couldn’t ask for anything more. And I totally agree…your blog, your rules.

  2. No need to even think about apologizing for the way you operate your interesting and highly readable blog. Please also take satisfaction from ignoring all whiners – that in itself is a public service!

  3. Don Ray: You’re the Man. It’s your Blog. If some people don’t like the way you run your Blog then they can pound salt!! Keep up the good work.

  4. Hi Don,
    It would take only a few seconds for anyone to click the “About” link on the site and read the purpose and history of your blog. Some folks jest ain’t never gonna get it.
    All the best to you and Lilliam.
    jim and nena
    fort worth

  5. We also e-mailed recently needing some information and were extremely impressed and appreciative of an immediate reply which was beyond our expectations. We couldn’t agree more with all the previous comments.

  6. Don, you’re doing a great service to the community by keeping us informed.
    Your blogs are very interesting and informative. There will always be some
    that just have to complain about something. However your service to us
    has not diminished and for us, that appreciate it ,we thank you.

  7. Hello Don Ray,
    It is your creation and yours alone to do as you please. Thanks for always returning our emails. The information you post has always been of value to us. Thank you! By the way, it seems our issue with being able to reply/post a comment is no longer a problem.

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