The Branding Iron – First Visit (But not the last!)

Sundays are a day that Lilliam and I and friends like to go out for lunch. It is usually a huge debate about where we go. I had been planing ahead this week. The Branding Iron has opened and I had heard that Chicken Fried Steak had reached the menu.

It is located just a little past Dolega on the right side of the road. Sorry I didn’t get the GPS for the restaurant, but that is just an indication how my mind was set on getting there and getting my order in.

The Branding Iron is easy to find. Keep your eyes peeled for this sign.

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This is the front of the restaurant.

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It has a rustic style, which puts you in the right frame of mind for having some good grub.

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Yesterday, being the flea market, it was full to the point of overwhelming the staff. Not a problem for me. It just allowed my taste buds to get good and active in anticipation of the what I wanted to appear in front of me.

Four of us ordered and I was the only CFS addict in need of a fix. The others ordered the fish fillet. I didn’t hear a single complaint, which could have been because their mouths were full. The menu had burgers and Chef Neil said he was researching some other cuts of beef for steaks.

I saw onion rings on the menu, but didn’t ask if they were available.

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As I said, three at the table ordered the fish and they all liked it. Here is what their plate looked like. Lilliam commented how she liked the tartar sauce and she usually never mentions it, so it must have been good.

Besides Chicken Fried Steak, the Branding Iron also serves Chicken Fried Chicken. However, no self respecting ex-Texas resident would ever order CFC over CFS.

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I was VERY happy with my steak. The meat was very tender and the cream gravy was good. The French fries could have been a little thicker and a little crisper. They were still good. I always use a little gravy on them as well. Here is a photo of my plate.

I passed out a few of my CC cards. One person told me that he hoped I didn’t write anything bad about the restaurant. He said he had been in Panama for 10 years and missing good Texas cooking. Turns out he went to Texas Tech, which is where I went to college. He said he comes a couple times a week.

He told me I should also try the fried shrimp. He said the chef leaves the shells on the shrimp until just before they are prepared and the flavor was amplified. I love butterflied shrimp, but I am not sure if I drive up to Dolega that I can pass up another CFS.

We had a great time. Good company. Great food. My mouth is watering again just writing the post.

It just doesn’t get any better than this.

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Remember, if you stop into the Branding Iron tell Neil (left – chief cook and bottle washer) and Rosana (right – the smiling face that will make your stay pleasant), that you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter.


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  1. We had a place on the west side of Fort Worth that looked just like this, Rancher Bills. Best CFS and BBQ for miles around. Huge portions, too. I think their building was grandfathered in before Fort Worth had a city code department but the food was incredible.
    jim and nena
    fort worth

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