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I have had a couple CC readers write me and say that they have been unable to fill out the comment form. Since this has happened more than once and by more than one person, I have to believe this is a real problem.

Comments are coming in, so it is not an absolute problem. I have no problem entering comments and have done a couple tests using different browsers and all comments have been entered.

I have WordPress configured to hold all comments for new email addresses until I authorize them. After the first comment has been authorized, then all future comments will be displayed immediately.

I have to assume this problem is either a WordPress problem or a browser problem. To eliminate the possibility that it is a browser problem, you can try a couple things. One, you can try a different browser. If it works on the second browser, then it most likely a cache or cookie problem with the first browser.

To try it on the original browser, I would try clearing cache. You will have to search your browser’s options to see how to do that. You can google for cleaning cache on your browser and there will be help.

If that didn’t help, them try clearing cookies.

If it will not allow you to comment with a newly installed browser, I am stumped and open to suggestions from anyone who can comment.

Also, if you are having problems of not being allowed to comment, drop me an email so I can see how widespread the problem is.

UPDATE: It appears that all known problems have been resolved to Cache, Cookie or temporary problems. I only had three people notify me of real problems and those seem to have gone.

However, if you post a comment and it doesn’t appear I would still like to know. Remember that the first time you post on this site, the comment will be placed in a review queue. This is to prevent Bot Spammers from posting on the blog.

21 thoughts on “Blog Not Accepting Some Comments

  1. I’m using Firefox 14.0.1 and I have been seeing a dialog box popup after clicking Post Comment asking me to Resend the information. I click “X” and continue on?

  2. Same issue as Jim & Nena…if I “resend,” I get a response about a double post. On two occasions, I was unable to post when I hit the resend button. If I hit cancel, then the text will post. I’m using Firefox 15.XXX. However, I will try to post here again using Chrome.

  3. This post made using Chrome browser. I’ll email you if I get the same response as above. I don’t think I’ve visited CC using Chrome 22.0.1229.79 (current)

  4. Using Chrome at home…….will try again at office later today , thats where I currently have problems , but never before

  5. I cleared my cookies (I like chocolate chip), history but not cache…and still had the same problem when using Firefox Could the problem be with a blog feature that prevents double posting? The first time this problem popped up (a couple weeks ago), I received a message that I was doing a double post…and my comment was not posted and I didn’t hit the resend key.

  6. Well, it is still a mystery. There have been no changes in the WordPress software in many months. I am declaring it one of those strange mysteries of life.

    Of course it could be something about only happening on Windows based systems. Anyone having problems on Apple hardware?

  7. OK, I just returned to the Boquete rape item which I was attempting to post to and re-submitted my comment. It did not show up. So I created a new comment and pasted the content into it. Now the blog said that this was a duplicate comment – so the system received it, but did not process it for display. FYI

  8. Mark, since this was the first time you have commented on the site, your comments were waiting for authorisation. The comments on the Rape post were in the spam folder, most likely because they contained URLs.

    See if you still have problems.

  9. Haha, Nena has always known I was/am clueless. It’s to her credit that she humors me all these years.
    OK, I’m trying Firefox 14 again with all the private browsing setting turned off.

  10. OK, there’s that clueless part again, I messed up the name so the filter put me in moderation. I’ll try this time.

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