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Wee Bonnie Yani Has Moved

I have been going to Yani to get my haircut since 2006. The last time she informed me that she was going to be moving. She has several clients that have found her through Chiriquí Chatter and I thought I would inform you of her new location.

For $3.00, she is hard to beat. Besides she always brightens my day. I have never seen her without a smile on her face. As I have always said, smiles are contagious.

To get to her new location, exit off the InterAmerican Highway at the traffic light on Brenes and head toward Supper 99. When you reach the gas station turn right and she has her salon across from the gas station. A photo is at the top of this post. Google Map.

I am including a photo of Yani who will be happy to take on some new Chiriquí Chatter clients. If you drop in, tell her you learned of her via this post.

Thanks to Halloween… the cobwebs in my house have just become decorations!

As It Is In Heaven, A Political Wit Dream

I received the following request for posting.

Hi Don: Since Chiriqu Chatter is your site, I am not going to try slip anything into it. I would rather come to you directly.  I am promoting a play that I just wrote.  It is a satire with strong views, which you may or may not want to be associated with and which you may or may not want to endorse on your site.  Attached is a flyer that I am starting to distribute around Chiriqui.  Below is a link where anyone may sample the play and if so moved, buy it for $2.99.  Thank you, Henry

Henry Valentino
Author of the political satire As It Is In Heaven, A Political Wit Dream
Sample or purchase As It Is In Heaven

Flyer follows: Continue reading As It Is In Heaven, A Political Wit Dream

Live music on Halloween – Boquete

Hi Don,
Can you let people know that the band B3 (Boquete Blues Band) will be playing at the BCP (Boquete Community Playhouse) on the 31st of October. The cover charge is 6$, domestic beer is only $1 and if you buy your tickets in advance for 5$ at Mailboxes etc. you can get a discount at the Seafood House or The Bistro (main road boquete) that night. Everyone is encoraged to wear costumes.
Bill McGraw

I really wasn’t planning on going for a run today but those cops came out of nowhere.

Managers: Some people need the carrot, others the stick. Play safe and give your staff carrot sticks.

Moving to Panama Reality Check

This last week of protests have been a surprise to some of the newcomers to Panama. Nothing has changed from my perspective. In the nine years I have lived here, there have been multiple protests. Some are protests for valid reasons. Some are politically motivated. Some are instigated from countries like Venezuela. All can be dangerous to innocent bystanders.

No matter the reason, protests are a major nuisance to everyone. When I know of a potential protest, I avoid the area at all costs. If you watched the news this week, you saw stores being looted, car windows being broken, and for all practical purposes Panama City was shut down. If you get too close, you may wind up with your car pelted by rocks, hammers or worse. By the way, your insurance is probably not going to cover the damage.

The son of the patient in the Regional Hospital had to pay $60 to get from Albrook to Tocuman, a normal $30 ride. His cab driver had to go well out of his way to avoid the blocked streets. When he got to his hotel, the man that opened the door said, “todo es loco hoy”. Continue reading Moving to Panama Reality Check

If I look tired at the end of the day, it’s because I just spent eight solid hours looking busy.