On The Road Again

I have noticed jugglers several times lately at the traffic light area on the InterAmerican Highway. Normally it is just a standard 3 ball juggler, but this time it was three different jugglers. Here is the male and female jugglers. I didn’t catch a photo of them tossing the pins to each other, but you can still see one is on a unicycle.

I don’t think they are Panamanian. I am wondering if they are transients just passing through the area trying to get a little cash. I could be wrong.

3 thoughts on “On The Road Again

  1. Probably transients. We’ve got a fair number of them here in Quito, and most of them seem to be from Chile or Argentina, with a Colombian every once in a while. Some them are quite talented!

  2. Most of those jugglers are from the South. When talking I catched their accents. As somebody stated here most of them are from Argentina and Colombia

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