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I ran out of the cards for Chiriquí Chatter that I pass out. I wrote Ellery, who had helped me with previous cards only to learn that ARTE Grafico had closed. Bummer!

Well no hill for a climber, I always say. It just meant I had to find a replacement provider. Enter Impresora Comercial, S.A.

I stopped by four different companies to get quotations. I gave them an image of an old card and told them I wanted the image off the site to replace the photo on the sample I gave them. All said they would send me a quote.

Of the four, only two responded and of the two only Impresora Comercial, S.A. actually provided a sample to look at. With new technology hitting all areas, the cards now are now in full color and cheaper than what I had paid in the past.

I am very satisfied with the quality of the card stock and I think they turned out good. Since CC is just a hobby, it is always nice when I can reduce its costs.

Another surprise. When I went in to see the sample, I was told if I could wait 10 minutes, they would have the cards. Now that is service.

If you need business cards or other promotional material, then you might want to check them out. If you do, tell them you learned about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

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Email is

I will give you another tip. If you order something, schedule the pickup after 1PM because it is next door to the Hot Wings Factory. Google Map to IC and HotWings Factory.

UPDATE: Thanks to the sharp eyes of a CC reader, I went back to Impresora Comercial, S.A. and told them that an error had been observed. They graciously changed the cards while I waited at no charge.

The next time I will have to pay more attention to Confucius wisdom when reading James Dean quotations.

If you get one of the cards with an error on it, remember that pennies that have minting errors can be worth a lot of money. Just saying!

4 thoughts on “New Cards

  1. Did you check the James Dean quote on your cards, Don? Is it really supposed to say “. . , live as if you’ll live die today”?

    Confucious say “A little proof reading goes a long way, particularly in a foreign land”.
    John Hampton

  2. Just wanted to echo your thoughts here. We’ve had great service with Impresora Comercial, S.A. not only printing our business cards but also a table cover & poster standee for our pop-up stores. All when we were pinched for time and right before a Holiday.

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