I Can See Clearly Now

Over the past few weeks I have noticed that my glasses needed replacing. I went back to Optica Metro. Dra. Ines Chang to the rescue.

She had done my last prescription when her optical center was Vision 20/20. Since that time, she has moved to her new location under the name of Optica Metro.

I can’t tell you how nice it is to have a professional doctor that you can trust. She had diagnosed my Macular Degeneration and had sent me to a good physician to have it checked out. You may remember my trip to Panama City for the examination.

She has a reassuring manner that gives you confidence and doesn’t make you feel pressured toward new technology for the sake of added income. I still use the old fashioned bifocals and not the newer progressive lenses.

She did show me some new lenses to consider for all the time I spend at the PC, but it was done as education and not as a sales promotion. The lenses are known as Interview. I will research the lenses and give them some consideration.

If you are in need of replacement glasses, I give my full recommendation to Dra. Ines Chang. If you drop in, tell her you heard about her on Chiriqui Chatter. I have received several personal emails of thanks from individuals that have gone due to previous posts. Google Map to Optica Metro.

5 thoughts on “I Can See Clearly Now

  1. That Chang surname seems to be prominent in Central America.

    My friend Ballardo Z. was originally from Costa Rica. The last time I saw him (and a bunch of his relatives) was when they were on local TV news cheering as his cousin Franklin Chang Diaz was blasting off in the space shuttle.

    I can’t wait to hum you the UConn fight song, which they used to wake up the Shuttle Astronauts.

    Paul Zendzian

  2. Have also used Dra. Ines Chang for my eyeglasses. I too have Macular Degeneration/wet and she recommended the proper prescription for my eyeglasses. I though it would take a few weeks but it only took a few days and I had my new glasses. She is the best.

  3. Hi Don,
    What does Dra. charge for an exam?….Cost for progressive bifocals??…Does she also sell frames??…..Would love to find a good eye Dr. here in Panama…

  4. There is no charge for the exam. Her email is on her card and can quote the progressive lense charge. My bifocals are not progressive. If you are a pensionado then you also ge a discount. She carries a full line of frames as shown in a previous post.

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