Chocoholics Rejoice

In my ongoing attempt to try each flavor at the new Gelato Pacifico, this time I tried chocolate. Now that was one potent chocolate. Very satisfying and extremely chocolatey!!! I would definitely order it again.

But then I still have a few flavors to go before having the second of any flavor. Will I break and reorder Tiramisu prior to trying them all. It could happen. Of course I really liked the vanilla too. Ah, it is a tough job, but someone has to do it.

When I was leaving 10 Panamanians came in to order. I guess the word is getting around.

2 thoughts on “Chocoholics Rejoice

  1. When my daughter spent two weeks in Italy with her high school class, she decided to ONLY eat tiramisu gelato. She wanted to see which town had the best in all of the places she visited there. Florence was the winner. I say, break down and reorder Tiramisu (sort of to cleanse your palate), then go back to trying the others. Keep us posted!

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