Chiriquí’s Bilingual Schools

Every now and then I receive an email from someone that is considering moving to Chiriquí with school aged students and informing me that some of my past posts no longer contain valid contact information.

Over the last couple weeks I have tried to visit some of the David schools and get updated information. I have done a little Web searching and also found a little more. It would be good if the schools understood the importance of keeping a good web presence.

I will remind those that are interested, that no school is 100% English. Panamanian law requires some classes to be in Spanish.

I will link the following information back to the original posts, which may have photos. That will also force a comment on those posts to this updated information.

If there are bilingual schools that are not included in my list, feel free to send me the information and I will add them to this list. Also, if you have newer information than what is posted here, please leave a comment indicating what it is.

I am adding an entry in the Link section for Bilingual schools and it will point to this post, that I hope can be kept reasonably current.

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David Bilingual schools:

American School – following is information was valid as of September, 2012.

Anglo Panamrño – No information on this school yet.

Cambridge School – following is information was valid as of September, 2012.

The administrative assistant game me her email address for more information.
janethrovira @ – Remove the spaces

Escuela Adventista Bilingue de David (Kinder through 6th Grade)

Colegio Adventista Bilingue de David (Grades 7 through 12) following is information was valid as of September, 2012.

The assistant in the school, said she would also answer all questions. Her email follows:
rasha072 @ remove the spaces. The schools website is

Kings School – Here is the King’s School website. It contains contact information.

Boquete Bilingual Schools:

Instituto Guadalupano – No new information.

Academia Internacional Boquete (AIB) – Information in comment below.

21 thoughts on “Chiriquí’s Bilingual Schools

  1. Thanks for the info.!
    Cambridge seems like a good choice for my 14 year, especially with the soccer program.

  2. I have two girls .One (15) in Advantista the other in Cambridge(10)I feel Cambridge is the best as they are full English as possible under the law.A good test is to approach a group of students as school lets out and speak to them in English.See how they respond.The 10 year old started in 1st grade and can speak to me in English very well.The other was 10 and could not start in Cambridge as she would have totally lost.Many schools advertise bi-lingual ,beware ! Cost is about the same at both schools.About $1000.00 each per year.Both have bands and other extra activities.

  3. I too have two children in Cambridge. They adopted really well … both are Honor Roll from the first semester. They spoke NO spanish when we arrived in February, but persistant parents and determined children it worked out (Notice I put parents first 🙂 We will be getting Boletins (report cards) tomorrow. But, a plus with Cambridge the grades are on line, you can follow your child through the semester. Thanks for reporting Don, it almost seems the one’s with children get left out of retirement forums/blogs. Thanks again

  4. Our 2 sons have attended Academia Internacional Boquete (AIB) for 3 years since they opened in 2010. AIB is a bilingual school currently located behind HSBC in Boquete. (note…the English version of the web site is not yet working well).

    Their Facebook page: (how about that cover page photo…smile)

    Classes this year extend to the 6th grade. Current student count is approximately 160 – 170. Next year, AIB will offer grades 7, 8 and 9. AIB is THE fastest growing bilingual school in Chiriqui (with stats to prove it). It has an excellent community reputation and recognition.

    They will build a new school building (quite significant) approximately half-way between David and Boquete. Construction begins 2013. Land has been acquired…architect plans complete and have been approved. The school will be located approximately 5 KM south of the entrance to Los Molinos. AIB also plans to be the first “green school” in Central America.

    Some characteristics/information of AIB:

    Bilingual( English-Spanish)**
    Hours from 8:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.
    Development of multiple fields of intelligence
    Experimental Science Program
    Technology E-learning
    Personalized learning
    Online communication
    Students will learn through academic experience in our school and will emphasize the lessons at home.
    Assignments are completed during class hours
    School supplies are provided
    Extracurricular activities at the Academia, including band and violin lessons.

    **About half the classes are taught in Spanish…half in English. Our wish is that math would be taught in English (smile)….however, our children are learning Spanish and adapting. Excellent tutors are available to help your English-speaking children get over the “newness” hump.

    Programs / After-school Classes:

    Science club
    Art club
    Drawing and painting club
    Hago empresa
    Math Club
    Reading club ( Spanish- English)
    Violin Lessons
    Music Lessons (Flute, saxophone, Clarinet, piano, guitar and drums)

    Approximate Costs for each student:

    Annually – $250
    Monthly – $95
    Books – $250

    In our opinion, AIB is one of the best choices (if not THE best choice) for a bilingual school in all of Chiriqui. The teachers will take a personal interest in your child.

    Lots of other good things could be said…check them out.

  5. Is there a significant amount of testing at AIB as in the USA? (Currently American teachers are fed-up with the uber-testing that goes on here).
    We are hoping to move to the David/Boquete area in the summer of 2015 – how soon would we need to get our children enrolled for the 2015-2016 academic year?
    Also, does the school year follow the American calendar (August – May)?
    Any other ideas or comments are most appreciated.

  6. Patrick…the strategy we followed was to get an early release from our children’s school in Texas and a late start in AIB. AIB was the only bilingual school in Chiriqui willing to help us with a late start. So…our boys finished up school in USA near the end of April…and started in the next grade within two weeks. The school year, generally-speaking, is last week in February to mid-December.

    you can ask me more questions via email me at:

    bothphoto @ (remove the spaces)

  7. Hi! Am looking for a professional pianist or performing music teacher to play our Broadway show at The Havens and other venues. Do you have anyone you can recommend? Thanks! Redwine and Kole

  8. Regarding my comment with the AIB phone number: Try the cell phone number below if the land line number shown above (720-2821) does not work:

    (507) 6670-6785 This cell number “usually” rings in the administrative office.

    The school moved into its new building and may not have yet updated the land line phone number.

  9. interesting and informative details on the blog. can someboby enlighten me what will be the present education cost per month/annually? i have two kids(09 and 3 yrs respectively). thanks, loko.

  10. Hello to everyone, and thanks for this blog…We will arrive in Panama from Italy around middlle june where school here finish, when the new school year 2015/2016 start in AIB? In september? Do you know if there is waiting list in AIB?Or usually are there places? We have three kids 4,8,11.

  11. I was curious whether Cambridge is full English or bilingual. Are some classes taught in English, and some in Español. Would it basically be a great place for a child to begin to learn Spanish as a first language.

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