Chiriquí Mall Theater Ticket Prices

The other day, after having an ice cream, I stopped by the theater to see what was playing.

While I was there I took a photo of the current prices. They should be a little cheaper than prices you would see in the US.

They break out three times of the week and three categories of moviegoers.

The first is the most popular days of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The second is Thursday through Sunday and the last is Thursday through Sunday after 6:00PM.

The categories are Adults, Children 2 through 11 and retirees or pensionados.

The only real difference is that adults pay a dollar more Thursday through Sunday after 6:00PM.

A retiree/pensionado has a real bargain at just $1.75, but the other prices are reasonable also. I bet everyone in the US will cry after reading these prices.

Shows that are in English will have Spanish subtitles. Some shows will be dubbed in Spanish. Almost all children’s shows will be dubbed in Spanish. You have to pay attention to how the movie is listed, if you want to make sure the movie is in English.

5 thoughts on “Chiriquí Mall Theater Ticket Prices

  1. Hey, Don,
    We are returning retirees to the area; this is our second season in Potrerillos. We kept up with all the news of Chiriqui by looking at your blog a couple of times a day. You are a guy after our own heart. Thank you for your work for and dedication to the folks in Chiriqui Province.

    BTW do you know if there are any sites that we can check to see what is playing at the Chiriqui Mall Theatre or the Gran Nacional Theatre, times, and if they are in English with Spanish subtitles, etc? Thanks, Don.

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