Life is for Living

On a fairly frequent basis, I get emails wanting recommendations on many things I never consider myself equipped to provide answers for.

Still, I reply to all emails and try to give them the attention that the author of the email deserves.

Obviously, many that write me, do so because they are wanting decision making information related to making a move to Panama and specifically Chiriquí. Now, I do not consider myself an expert on either of these subjects. I am only a participant in my own life journey.

My original reason for having Chiriquí Chatter was to portray what I run into on a day by day basis. It began as emails I wrote to family and friends to let them know I was still alive. A friend suggested that I turn the emails into a blog and CC began.

In Chiriquí Chatter, I have tried to relay the things I like and the the things I don’t like with equal importance. The same goes for the good and the bad of Panama and Chiriquí. Besides, everything is subjective. I don’t believe everyone is alike and therefore I try to just provide information and not recommendations. My experiences may not reflect those of others.

So why am I telling you this? Well, one of my emails several months ago was from a couple with unusual circumstances. One member of the couple is in need of constant care and yet wants to live out life with as much enjoyment as is possible and also wants to spend the final days in Chiriquí. The other member is determined to make that wish come true, no matter what sacrifices are required. I received another email today and they are in Panama City, still evaluating situations.

This is a perfect example of true love. Granting someone else their final wish, independent of personal effect. It is also an example of living and not dying. So many of us get so consumed with our daily problems and ailments, that we miss out on the life we could be living.

I would rather spend my days thinking about how to get the maximum out of my time here as opposed to worrying about how the length of my time here is shorting each day.

I called my 96 year old uncle this morning because he worries about me and things that are going on in my life. The phone rang and eventually the answering machine came on. I left my message telling him I was fine and I would call later.

In about 20 minutes, my phone rang. It was my uncle. He said he had missed the call because he was out in the yard pulling weeds. If I ever had an inspiration as to how to get the maximum out of each day, it is he. He has never talked, or spent a minute of time, related to dying. All of his time is spent on living.

In his 96 years, a large amount of time has been spent on helping those that needed help or assistance that he could provide with no expectation of ever being repaid. Part of his life enjoyment has come from enjoying life through others he has helped.

So this has been a rambling post. What would I like you to walk away with.

First and foremost, that life is for living. Eliminate all negative things that try to drag you down and prevent you from having the most positive life experience possible. Re-read the James Dean quote at the top of this blog page.

Second. Don’t try to tell others how to live their lives. You can give them information to make decisions, but in the end it is for them to decide. If it makes them happy, but you wouldn’t do it, don’t ruin their happiness.

Lastly, if there are a few weeds destroying your otherwise perfect day, pull them out.

2 thoughts on “Life is for Living

  1. Thanks, Don Ray. It’s another beautiful day here in northern Georgia. Hope it’s as beautiful for everyone wherever they’re at.

  2. It amazes me that so many expats who have found Panama to be THEIR dream fulfilled become insulted when I say that I haven’t yet decided if it is mine. Please, fellow travellers on life’s journey, don’t tell me what I need to do. My happiness may require different ingredients. I respect your choice- please respond in kind. Take special note of Don Ray’s Second Important Thought. It is a philosophy by which to live.

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