I have been updating all my passwords on all email accounts and all websites that require a password. What a pain. This has been sort of a second phase of my password hardening. The first phase was to harden the passwords as mentioned in a previous post. This phase has been to make all email accounts and websites have unique passwords.

As hackers have gotten more aggressive, using the same password, even a hardened one, for all occasions is not safe either.

I continue to get emails from people in my contact list and their emails must have been hijacked and they are now sending out emails directing me to a site for drugs or what not.

Because of this I decided to add a little more security to my password strategy. If you have  not hardened your passwords, I recommend you do it. I have put some people’s email addresses on an email filter, because they continually send me spam.

Since I was going through this exercise, I thought I would pass on the reminder. If you are still using a simple password, prepare to be hacked. It will happen sooner or later.


6 thoughts on “Passwords

  1. I have noticed that all of the hijacked email messages that I have received come from people that are using web based email programs, i.e. hotmail, gmail, yahoo, aol, etc.

  2. That is true for what I have seen too. While I use those emails, I don’t access them via a browser. My mail client will access all of my addresses without having to use the browser.

    Password security is really the same no matter if it is accessed by a browser or by a mail client. The quality of the password will determine how hard it is to crack.

  3. Agreed, it just appears that it is easier for a hacker to get into email accounts through a browser than an email client.

  4. Tom, one thing that happens to many that use Interner Cafes is that the machines may be infected by key loggers and myst people that access their accounts there use browsers.

  5. I tried 5X to reply and a problem…….now I am here. What in the hell are you supposed to do if you do not have your own computer that “can be hacked into” and use the Internet Cafe when you have to contact someone for more “hackers”? We will be moving ASAP but I would really like getting into the Postal Service but that is also a problem with no forwarding address..for our move. ….Life is getting interesting. Huh?

  6. My suggestion for Internet cafes is to not use their PCs. I always used my own laptop when I use them and just used their cable. That way I knew how my machine was maintained and dint have to rely on theirs. Now with access for free in most of the public parks and airports, internet cafes are less of a requirement for travellers in Panama. A VPN for security is still a good idea though since may don’t provide secure connections.

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