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I received the following email today. I searched to see if I had posted this restaurant before and guess I haven’t. I have eaten there a couple times, but it has been several years in the past and for some reason the visits never made the blog.

I receive many invitations to visit restaurants and have several I haven’t made it to, It is a tough life, but somebody has to do it.

This email probably does a better job of describing the restaurant than I could have anyway. So until I get a chance to revisit it and take photos, I will let the author’s email tempt you into going.

Thanks to BG for the recommendation.

Hello Señor Don Ray,

I have started reading your Chiriqui Chatter and because you
seem to like to recommend good restaurants, I would like
to suggest a restaurant that you might want to visit.  It is
the restaurant at the Hotel Alcalá.

They have  filet migñon that is really good for $9.95 and is
as tender as that served by Mosto Bistro.  They also have
pork with applesauce in the gravy which is wonderful.  Their
shrimp cocktail is very generous with a delicious mayonnaise
based sauce.

Their chef, Señora Yanohara Torres, is excellent!  I frequently
take guests there and all, without exception, have been very

Their service is not fancy, but the waiters are verh attentive
and their prices are quite reasonable.  Please try it and let me
know what you think.


If you go, make sure to return to this post and leave a comment. Also tell the restaurant staff that you heard about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

2 thoughts on “Hotel Alcalá Restaurante

  1. When we stayed at the Alcala for several days in January, we ate all our meals there.
    The ceviche camarones was very good, the other food quality was good, but the service
    was spotty, at best. The last evening we were there, my companion ordered a dessert
    which our “regular” dinner waiter assured us would be available that night, although he, unfortunately, was not working that evening. The “new” waiter took the order, and we waited- and waited—- and waited. After 45 minutes of being unable to catch the waiter’s attention, my friend went to the back counter to inquire on the status of his fried ice cream,
    only to be told that it was not available that evening. Now that I live here in David, I don’t
    even consider the place when I go out for dinner.

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