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On The Road Again

I have noticed jugglers several times lately at the traffic light area on the InterAmerican Highway. Normally it is just a standard 3 ball juggler, but this time it was three different jugglers. Here is the male and female jugglers. I didn’t catch a photo of them tossing the pins to each other, but you can still see one is on a unicycle.

I don’t think they are Panamanian. I am wondering if they are transients just passing through the area trying to get a little cash. I could be wrong.

I enjoy watching wrestling a lot more if I think of it as competitive hugging.

New Cards

I ran out of the cards for Chiriquí Chatter that I pass out. I wrote Ellery, who had helped me with previous cards only to learn that ARTE Grafico had closed. Bummer!

Well no hill for a climber, I always say. It just meant I had to find a replacement provider. Enter Impresora Comercial, S.A.

I stopped by four different companies to get quotations. I gave them an image of an old card and told them I wanted the image off the site to replace the photo on the sample I gave them. All said they would send me a quote.

Of the four, only two responded and of the two only Impresora Comercial, S.A. actually provided a sample to look at. With new technology hitting all areas, the cards now are now in full color and cheaper than what I had paid in the past.

I am very satisfied with the quality of the card stock and I think they turned out good. Since CC is just a hobby, it is always nice when I can reduce its costs.

Another surprise. When I went in to see the sample, I was told if I could wait 10 minutes, they would have the cards. Now that is service.

If you need business cards or other promotional material, then you might want to check them out. If you do, tell them you learned about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

Click to enlarge
Email is

I will give you another tip. If you order something, schedule the pickup after 1PM because it is next door to the Hot Wings Factory. Google Map to IC and HotWings Factory.

UPDATE: Thanks to the sharp eyes of a CC reader, I went back to Impresora Comercial, S.A. and told them that an error had been observed. They graciously changed the cards while I waited at no charge.

The next time I will have to pay more attention to Confucius wisdom when reading James Dean quotations.

If you get one of the cards with an error on it, remember that pennies that have minting errors can be worth a lot of money. Just saying!

Buffalo Wings Factory – David

I finally got to try out the Buffalo Wing Factory. I have passed it several times, but I usually eat at noon and it doesn’t open until 1PM. Yesterday, I was running behind at the appropriate time to give it a try. Google Map to the Buffalo Wing Factory.  You can see it is just down the street from Hotel Los Rivera.

Here is a photo inside.

I went in with the intention of trying out the wings, but after talking to a lady that goes there often, I decided to try out a burger instead. Not that she recommended against the wings. To the contrary, but she said she always goes here for the bacon burger. At any rate it gives me another reason to return. Continue reading Buffalo Wings Factory – David

I don’t trust anything that can kill me, like wild animals or angry women.

I Can See Clearly Now

Over the past few weeks I have noticed that my glasses needed replacing. I went back to Optica Metro. Dra. Ines Chang to the rescue.

She had done my last prescription when her optical center was Vision 20/20. Since that time, she has moved to her new location under the name of Optica Metro.

I can’t tell you how nice it is to have a professional doctor that you can trust. She had diagnosed my Macular Degeneration and had sent me to a good physician to have it checked out. You may remember my trip to Panama City for the examination.

She has a reassuring manner that gives you confidence and doesn’t make you feel pressured toward new technology for the sake of added income. I still use the old fashioned bifocals and not the newer progressive lenses.

She did show me some new lenses to consider for all the time I spend at the PC, but it was done as education and not as a sales promotion. The lenses are known as Interview. I will research the lenses and give them some consideration.

If you are in need of replacement glasses, I give my full recommendation to Dra. Ines Chang. If you drop in, tell her you heard about her on Chiriqui Chatter. I have received several personal emails of thanks from individuals that have gone due to previous posts. Google Map to Optica Metro.

Chocoholics Rejoice

In my ongoing attempt to try each flavor at the new Gelato Pacifico, this time I tried chocolate. Now that was one potent chocolate. Very satisfying and extremely chocolatey!!! I would definitely order it again.

But then I still have a few flavors to go before having the second of any flavor. Will I break and reorder Tiramisu prior to trying them all. It could happen. Of course I really liked the vanilla too. Ah, it is a tough job, but someone has to do it.

When I was leaving 10 Panamanians came in to order. I guess the word is getting around.

Chiriquí’s Bilingual Schools

Every now and then I receive an email from someone that is considering moving to Chiriquí with school aged students and informing me that some of my past posts no longer contain valid contact information.

Over the last couple weeks I have tried to visit some of the David schools and get updated information. I have done a little Web searching and also found a little more. It would be good if the schools understood the importance of keeping a good web presence.

I will remind those that are interested, that no school is 100% English. Panamanian law requires some classes to be in Spanish.

I will link the following information back to the original posts, which may have photos. That will also force a comment on those posts to this updated information.

If there are bilingual schools that are not included in my list, feel free to send me the information and I will add them to this list. Also, if you have newer information than what is posted here, please leave a comment indicating what it is.

I am adding an entry in the Link section for Bilingual schools and it will point to this post, that I hope can be kept reasonably current.

All Documents below will enlarge if clicked.

David Bilingual schools:

American School – following is information was valid as of September, 2012.

Anglo Panamrño – No information on this school yet.

Cambridge School – following is information was valid as of September, 2012.

The administrative assistant game me her email address for more information.
janethrovira @ – Remove the spaces

Escuela Adventista Bilingue de David (Kinder through 6th Grade)

Colegio Adventista Bilingue de David (Grades 7 through 12) following is information was valid as of September, 2012.

The assistant in the school, said she would also answer all questions. Her email follows:
rasha072 @ remove the spaces. The schools website is

Kings School – Here is the King’s School website. It contains contact information.

Boquete Bilingual Schools:

Instituto Guadalupano – No new information.

Academia Internacional Boquete (AIB) – Information in comment below.