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Last Thursday, I had the privilege of attending a press conference and a follow-on inauguration party at Hotel Ciudad de David, for a new bank that has opened its doors in David.

I was invited by two very nice ladies from 24-7, who were responsible for the promotion.

The news conference took place in the new David facilities in Plaza GERABER on Avenida Obaldia across from the new Casa Gala and to the left of Optic Metro.

As I mentioned, I got there early and had an opportunity to check out the “good eats” that were being provided. Obviously, my being a jubilado on a fixed budget, I supplement my Blogging income ($0/ month), with any free meals I can come up with. Grand openings like this are heaven to me.

Click all photos to enlarge.

This event was being catered by Chef Carmelo. I visited with him and learned that, besides catering, he also has special events at his home location with menus and prices provided in advance of the event. Click on his name to see his website.

Quiche. – This was my favorite.

Since the event hadn’t started, I tool photos of the buffet and Chef Carmelo. The appetizers were to die for. Here they are. I especially enjoyed the quiche. I could have eaten them all. However, then I would have had no room for anything else and my reputation would have suffered as well.


Now that I have shown you my afternoon meal, let me tell you about Capital Bank.

The facilities are quite impressive. Being there early, I took a couple photos. That is a funny story by itself. The email I got inviting me said 3:30 PM for the press conference. I got there at 3:25 PM. I was told that the real time was to be 4:00 PM, but they take into consideration “Panamanian Time” and allow for people to be a little late.That is part of my Type “A” personality I haven’t been able to get rid of.

As you can see in the following photos, it is a very modern Bank, utilizing a lot of glass to give a feeling of openness. The receptionist’s area is the first thing you see, that to the rear of the building is the nice waiting area with provided seating.

The bank is designed to allow you to come in, take a number and sit until your turn comes up. It is designed to avoid the need to be standing in lines. Teller stations are available for jubilados, non-jubilados, and there is even a teller station that is designed to handle wheelchairs. with a lower window. All is well thought out.

All business inaugurations such as this begin with a benediction and blessing for the business. This was no different.

Capital Bank is a Panamanian Bank, with locations in Panama City, Colón, and now David. HERE is its website. Since 2008, its growth has been impressive.

Here is a photo of the Moisés D. Cohen, who is the bank president being interviewed. I was impressed with the bank’s desire to be the friendliest bank in Panama, and to place a high standard on service. The attention to detail, such as the teller station for handicaps, is an example.

They have a large number of safety deposit boxes that are available. This is something that is needed in David and I bet they will be taken quickly.

The bank also has a private conference area to assist businesses with their transactions. If you drop into Capital Bank, tell them you learned about them on Chiriqui Chatter.

Before I left for the second portion of this event at Hotel Ciudad de David, I took time to get my photo taken with these two beautiful ladies dressed in traditional Panamanian dress. Both of the ladies work for the bank and you very well may meet them if you do drop in. If you see them, tell them you saw their photo on the Internet.

OK, now for the Hotel Ciudad de David event. This was very special. A huge area was setup with tables, lots of area for mingling, a stage for entertainment, and more food than even I can eat. I brought home one of the sacks on the table with many useful items.

The music was being provided by James Johnston, who you may remember from my being at the 25th Grupo ARCOIRIS anniversary. As always, James’ music is special. Before the event began, I took a couple more photos of the the entertainers in typical Panamanian dress.

At my table were  these two attractive ladies. The one in blue is Dra. Ines Chang, who is my eye doctor and has Optica Metro, which is to the right of the new Capital Bank.

The official ribbon cutting for the new bank took place now. Following the ribbon cutting came some presentations describing the success the bank has had to this point and what they expected the future to hold.

If I have a negative comment related to the event, it has to come now. While the presentations were being made, some guests continued their conversations, ignoring the program. I felt the generous host deserved more respect.

Following the ribbon cutting, and the presentations, the real party began. It included typical Panamanian dance.

I had a great time and enjoyed being included by 24/7. I realize that Chiriquí Chatter is not a real news media website, but it does have a reasonable number of readers that drop in. Remember, if you happen to visit Capital Bank, tell them you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter. That will cover the huge amount of appetizers and beverages I took advantage of.

Following is the official press release that was provided for the event.


Capital Bank inauguró su tercera sucursal ubicada en David-Chiriquí en un acto que contó con la asistencia de los miembros de la junta directiva, colaboradores e invitados especiales.

En el acto el presidente de la junta directiva, Moisés D. Cohen M. destacó la importancia de esta nueva sucursal para la región y que su principal objetivo es alcanzar la satisfacción de sus clientes, brindando un servicio de excelencia y dentro de un buen ambiente laboral.

Capital Bank es una entidad bancaria totalmente panameña que inició operaciones en el 2008, con una visión de ser el mejor banco panameño en ambiente de trabajo, servicio al cliente, calidad de cartera y rentabilidad, además de brindar un servicio excepcional y soluciones a la medida de nuestros clientes.

Capital Bank  cuenta hoy con activos de 650 millones de dólares, lo cual demuestra su solidez y confianza de sus clientes.

Para el cierre 2011 Capital Bank obtuvo buen desempeño en sus resultados. La utilidad neta pasó de 1.6 millón de dólares en 2010 a 4.9 millones en 2011, impulsada por un incremento del 51% en los préstamos y del 42% en la cartera de depósitos.

En la actualidad Capital Bank está presente en las áreas de negocios para Banca Corporativa, Banca Comercial, Pyme, Factoring, Leasing, Fideicomiso, Banca Privada y Banca Personal; para fin de este año contará con dos nuevas sucursales en la Ciudad de Panamá, en el Dorado y Parque Lefevre, para un total de 5 sucursales.

La nueva sucursal de Capital Bank está ubicada en la Avenida Obaldía, Edificio Geraber de la Ciudad de David. Invitamos a todos a conocer un nuevo modelo de sucursal con sillas en las cajas, para que nuestros clientes estén cómodamente sentados mientras los atienden.

Capital Bank La Capital de tus Finanzas

Here is my Google Assisted English Translation.


Capital Bank opened its third branch located in David Chiriqui in a ceremony attended by members of the board, staff and special guests. In the ceremony the president of the board, Moses D. M. Cohen spoke of he importance of this new branch for the region and its main objective is to achieve customer satisfaction by providing excellent service and in a good working environment. Capital Bank is a wholly Panamanian bank that started operations in 2008, with a vision to be the best bank in Panama working environment, customer service, asset quality and profitability, and provide exceptional service and customized solutions of our customers. Capital Bank currently has assets of $ 650 million, demonstrating its strength and confidence of its customers. To close 2011 Capital Bank scored well in their results. Net income increased from $ 1.6 million in 2010 to 4.9 million in 2011, driven by a 51% increase in loans and 42% in the deposit portfolio. Currently Capital Bank is present in the areas of business for Corporate Banking, Retail Banking, SME, Factoring, Leasing, Trust, Private Banking and Personal Banking, by the end of this year will have two new branches in Panama City, in El Dorado and Parque Lefevre, for a total of five branches. The new branch of Capital Bank is located at Avenida Obaldia Geraber Building of the City of David. We invite everyone to learn a new model of branch chairs in the boxes, so that our clients are comfortably seated while serving.

Capital Bank – The capital for your finances.

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  1. The bank president was fluent in English as was the receptionist. I am confident that they should be equipped to handle English speaking clients.

  2. Wow, I may have to come downn to David for my eye exams! LOL…Dr.Chang could do very well as a movie star! If she is as good as she looks , she has to be a very good eye doctor!

  3. I recently purchased my eyeglasses from Dr. Chang. She is very professional as well as being very friendly. She has the latest equipment to test eyesight and I am very happy with the service. I highly recommend her.

  4. So I can assume that one will not get the 3rd degree when trying to open an account there like in other banks here in Panama. A question that needs to be asked is do they transmit all your info to the IRS at the Embassy at some point in time, before they open your account???

  5. He’s not my choice and never will be. RON PAUL was the only hope to restore the Country and its Constitution and Bill of Rights. Now that the NWO has control of the Country and all the sheeple, the end is coming sooner than later. Here’s a question for you…why has the government ordered 1.5 BILLION rounds of ammunition including 350 million rounds of illegal hollow points and 15 million rounds of armor/wall piercing rounds to be dispersed throughout the USSA??? Why does the DHS, SSA and NASA need this ammo???? Why hasn’t the Armed Forces seized power to defend the Citizens and the Constitution from the Fascist tyrants in DC??? It’s their sworn DUTY!!! Since Obamamama has negated the Constitution that makes it legal for the armed forces to defend it and reinstate a lawful government after incarcerating the DC criminals in their FEMA camps.

    What are your thoughts????

  6. The USA is being brought down as a nation because of its sins. What better way would God have of accomplishing that than allowing someone like obama to be elected.

  7. This post is not the post to start a political tirade. Take it to another blog. If this were a political post, I would accept it. I think the question on what is and isn’t being allowed related to foreigners having accounts in Panamanian banks is fine. However no more political commentary will be allowed on this post. Thanks for understanding.

  8. Regarding Gringo Accounts. I did manage to speak to one of the people at Nacional Box.
    although they are not a bank and offer just safe deposit boxes. I am told the service is not under the regulation of the banks and thus all are welcome including boxes rented under the name of a company or S.A. I really like this idea. To bad the financial institutions cant follow the same line.

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