7 thoughts on “Watch This If You Have The Stomach For It.

  1. Hmm, I thought the elephant in the room was borrowing against the Social Security Trust Fund for the last 40 years to pay for defense spending, which I agree is the altar of ‘greed and avarice.’

    The sad part is the Ryan Budget, the House’s adopted proposal, proposes to cut taxes. Forget how we got to this point and whose taxes are affected. How is that proposal in any way a responsible approach to surmounting government debt. Nobody likes taxes, but the presentation nailed where it said we all have to feel the pain of sacrifice.

    Note – The preceding is not a political advocacy statement in support of the Obama FY2013 budget. It is simply to point out that, as voters, we have not been presented with a reasonable option.

  2. Like most 5 minute summations of the federal government, this one assumes only “either/or” type solutions.

    I agree with voting for those who will support solvency. I don’t agree with the terminology of “entitlements”. Those who worked and paid into SS have earned SS.

    1.Washington must admit the problem.
    Wrong, Washington hasn’t a clue. Replace them this November.

    2. Explain (the) problem to everyone.
    Washington has the people who explained, “we must pass the bill to know what’s in the bill”. Doubtful they have a clue. Replace them this November.
    3. We must face the pain of fixing.
    Yes, and the ones who are voted out in November must face the pain of finding work. There are only so many lobbyist jobs available.

    One entitlement we could do without, pensions and special laws for ex-politicians.


  3. Problem with higher taxes…as we tried in Sweden…now reduced and Sweden blossoms…

    here is how it was in the 70s….
    as everything went up…taxes…I paid ‘little’ , only 50%. I kept telling everybody in Sweden (they didn’t understand) that paying 200% for overtime as they did…and with a high tax percentage….in the raising scale…I was low paid and ONLY paid 50%…scales quickly rose to 80 -90%…not on total income ,.but for the next level income… people often were asked to do over time, maybe sat/sun = 2 days…and they would often then only get 2 or 1 dollar left per 10 earned , so they then would offset this with time off…2 days OT = 4 days….they take 4 days off…many did this…and when many work OT , the GNP goes down….GNP goes down , the entire country suffers… but they just didn’t get it…

  4. Hello Don,

    each mountain has a peak, each resource its limit, each snow ball system will collapse,… my grand father went through tough times and when I was a youngster he told me simple things and till today, and especially today, they become more and more validity.

    Never trust somebody to take care of you, not a bank, not the shiny greedy insurances, nor a politician… The actual monetary system based on believing, betraying, indefinite growth and interest, a big balloon proven in many countries different epoch of time will find its climax in a big boom.

    Keep a acre of land to grow your food and a source of fresh water, live a tranquil and happy live this are the real values of live, unplayable!

    Enjoy your time in Panama
    Greetings from Edinburgh


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